Void Maker (真空創造主, Shinkū Sōzōnushi, lit. "Vacuum Creator") is a Caster Magic that is unique to the Mage Haru Muramoto of the Guild Yggdrasil.




Caster Magic




With this Magic, Haru is able to create and manipulate vacuum, the atmospheric region devoid of physical matter and energy. Since air molecules exist within what would be an otherwise empty space, Haru can twist the region of vacuum to manipulate air, creating tornadoes, hurricanes, or reject a portion of the atmosphere in order to create large blasts of air. This magic grants Haru an innate defense against both Fire Magic and Sound Magic, as both require atmospheric air as a medium to function. Haru can absorb air from a given area to cause a massive implosion or to create a Vacuum around an opponent to cause suffocation. Haru can also release the air from a Vacuum in order to create an explosion that can even break through rock.

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