Vermillion Dragon Slayer Magic (朱の滅竜魔法, Shu no Metsuryū Mahō) is a Caster MagicLost Magic, and a type of Dragon Slayer Magic that allows the user to utilize thermal energy, specifically heat energy, in order to slay Dragons. 

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Vermillion Dragon Slayer Magic is a type of Dragon Slayer Magic that grants the user various characteristics that are typical of a Heat Dragon: lungs capable of unleashing blistering heat, scales that grant protection against heat, and nails that are coated in heat energy. As a result, Vermillion Dragon Slayer Magic allows the user to produce and control heat energy from all areas of their body, being able to use it in melee and ranged forms of offense. The generated heat can be manipulated in a wide array of ways: the most noticeable way being concentrating the heat in one area which allows the user to produce fire. Due to this ability, some mages will often conclude that Vermillion Dragon Slayer Magic is a cousin of Fire Dragon Slayer Magic. However the connection does not stop there as much like Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, the heat produced seems to have a "blunt" effect to it, as it is able cause bludgeoning damage while at the same time burning the opponent or environment. Something to note is that the heat produced by this form of Magic is much greater than that of a standard one, going even beyond that of traditional Fire Dragon Slayer Magic which is known to melt iron, as the heat that is produced from this magic is able to melt platinum, a metal that has a melting point of 3,214 °F. This means in terms of temperature of heat, Vermillion Dragon Slayer Magic surpasses it's cousin greatly.

Another thing to note is the temperature of the user's heat is connected to their emotions, specifically rage, meaning the angrier they get, the more the heat that they produced will increase exponentially in temperature. Outside of the ability to produce heat, the user is also able to consume external sources of said element to restore their body to a healthy state and reagin their reserves of strength, which in turn, makes them immune to most types of heat, due to the ability to nullify heat-based attacks by sucking them in and devouring it. However, the user is not just able to devour heat, but fire as well. It is speculated that sense heat is able to create fire or vise-versa, it allows the user to consume said element, causing more people to speculate about this magic being a cousin to Fire Dragon Slayer Magic. The consumed heat or fire also seems to possess a different “taste” according to its “quality”, or specifically temperature. However, much like that of other Dragon Slayers, the user is unable to digest their own heat or flames, or things that have been set on fire them, to reinvigorate themselves. While classes of heat or flames that are “higher” in rank to those produced by this type of Magic (like those employed by a Flame God Slayer or Ten Spells of the Flaming Gods) can’t be eaten directly and will therefore damage the user, momentarily self-nullifying all of the user’s Magic Power will grant them enough room to consume and even use such heat and/or flames.

If a Vermillion Dragon Slayer is somehow capable of successfully eating cold energy, they will enter Cold Heat Dragon Mode. In this form, the cold and heat energy will fuse and the user's attacks will possess the properties and destructive ability of both elements. The user can also use combined both engines to form destructivelightning.


Basic SpellsEdit

  • [1]

    Vermillion Dragon's Roar

Vermillion Dragon's Roar (朱竜の咆哮, Shuryū no Hōkō): The most basic yet destructive spell in a Dragon Slayer's arsenal. Vermillion Dragon's Roar is the most used spell that Genghis has. It is his exclusive Dragon Roar; which incorporates his own element, that being thermal energy. To begin this spell, Genghis will first inhale deeply, gathering heat energy within his mouth, and will then release said energy in the direction of his opponent, unleashing a large, cataclysmic blast of heat which damages and burns the enemy at incredible temperatures. This spell can be preformed in a number of ways: the first, and more "complicated" way involves Genghis putting his hands before the mouth, in a pose resembling that of a trumpeter, before releasing the heat energy, prompting it to be expelled between his fingers. The heat energy produced by this version start out as a very thin stream, enough to be fit between the Genghis' fingers, before suddenly enlarging to strike the opponent. The other simpler, and seemingly faster way, simply has Genghis quickly gathers heat energy in his mouth and then releases them, with no seeming stance required, producing a much larger burst of heat energy in the form of a simple blast, that will just burn the opponent, or a hot tornado, that will not only burn the opponent but also slice them due to the high spinning wind blades. A unique ability that this spell has is the ability to absorb incoming fire and heat-based spells. Through ability, the spell will become more powerful in strength and size, making this spell an ideal attack when dealing against an Fire Dragon Slayer or a Mage that simply uses Fire Magic and it's variations.

  • Vermillion Dragon's Corrosive Fist (朱竜の腐食拳, Shuryū no Fushokugen): Vermillion Dragon's Corrosive Fist is an offensive Vermillion Dragon Slayer spell that is said to be able to nearly melt anything that the user comes into contact with when they throw the punch. To begin, the user starts by focusing and generating their Thermal energy into their fist, causing it to grow from their hand all the way up to their elbow as it shows to glow bright red the more the user focuses on the energy. Once the condensed energy is focused and the user's hand shows to be glowing blazing red, the user moves in at high speeds, aiming and throwing a powerful punch as the energy condensed now releases in a powerful burst, causing an increase in heat, enough to melt the surrounding area the more focused the energy of the user is. However, despite the incredible force of power and heat focused into the punch, it can often affect everyone in the area, including the user's allies if they are not careful with how much they release. It is also shown that the more they concenrate the energy, the more time it takes to build up enough for a powerful burst.
  • [2]Vermillion Dragon's Incendiary Bomb (朱竜の焼夷弾, Shuryū no Shōidan): Vermillion Dragon's Incendiary Bomb is an incredibly powerful spell used by Genghis which is vaguely similar to Fire Dragon's Brilliant Flame, he focuses the energy of his body into both of his hands, creating a powerful orb of thermal energy that can deal incredible damage to the opponent. To use this spell, Genghis starts by concentrating his thermal energy into both of his hands, causing them to slowly grow more and more as he collapses his hands together to make the energy swirl into an orb around his hands. Once he focuses his Eternano into it, Genghis charges it into a larger form of an orb, as he then sends it towards his opponent at high speeds. Unlike the Flame Dragon's Brilliant Flame, his Incendiary Bomb shows to be nearly triple the heat of it, going as far as driving anything that the heat touches to it's melting point before exploding in a powerful force of energy that burns anyone caught in it's blast. However, despite the incredible form of this spell, it has been shown to possess several weaknesses to it as well. To use it, an incredibly amount of heat is needed, often at times taking much more time to generate when in use. It has also been shown that once fired, the spell does not differentiate from friend or foe, anyone caught in the shock-wave of the blast often at times takes damaged to themselves as well. However, this is a problem that Genghis does not usually care about as he said that those that get caught in the shockwave of the blast, deserve to get turned into ash.
    • Chant"With the heat of the exploding nova in my left hand, and the heat of the blazing earth in my right hand, I shall destroy all that stand in my way, sending them to a plane of major heat! Vermillion Dragon's Incendiary Bomb!" (私の左手で爆発新星の熱、および私の右手に燃える地球の熱で、私は主要な熱の面に送信し、私の方法に立ってそのすべてを破壊しなければならない!朱竜の焼夷弾!,Watashi no hidarite de bakuhatsu Shinsei no netsu, oyobi watashi no migite ni moeru chikyū no netsu de, watashi wa shuyōna netsu no men ni sōshin shi, watashi no hōhō ni tatte sono subete o hakai shinakereba naranai! Shuryū no Shōidan!).
  • Vermillion Dragon's Shmashana (朱竜の暑円劈 (シャマシャナ), Shuryū no Shamashana lit. Vermillion Dragon's Heat Circle Burst): Vermillion Dragon's Shamashana is one of Genghis' more powerful spells, that has been shown to be used whenever he is surrounded by an enemy squad or is bombarded with attacks. To begin using this spell, Genghis becomes a living absorption of any form of heat around the area, focusing it's power into the Thermal energy that is inside of them, channeling it throughout their body as it eventually leaks out to the floor as it then begins to emit itself into a large circle of heat around him. Once there is enough of it on the floor, Genghis will erupts a powerful burst that causes the heat to follow upward, generating a pillar shape and increasing incredibly as it nearly roasts anyone that is caught in the circle around it. It has been shown that this spell can also act as a powerful defensive barrier, where Genghis focuses and solidifies the heat erupting upward, making it stronger and more durable to block off attacks that are sent towards the user. The intense heat causes a powerful neutralization of spells due to being able to break them apart after absorbing the heat from it. However, despite being a powerful spell, it does have several drawbacks, one being that the user needs a lot of heat in order to be able to use, making it better for the user to use it in locations with more sunlight. It has also been seen that anyone can be caught in the powerful updraft pillar, friend or foe. This spell is what Genghis used to completely decimate a squadron of Rune Knights with ease as he was escaping from the prison.
  • Vermillion Dragon's Heat Haze (朱竜の陽炎, Shuryū no Kagerō): Vermillion Dragon's Heat Haze is an unique Vermillion Dragon Slayer Magic spell as only one that possess such a magic that can generate high levels of heat from their own body are able to utilize this spell. Something to note is that this is one of the few spell in the Vermillion Dragon Slayer Magic family that is not geared towards attacking, instead serving a supplementary purpose of distracting the enemy with various mirages. To perform this spell, Genghis will begin by gathering in the heat around him through his mouth, taking a deep breath which in turn cause the temperature to slowly decrease the more heat energy that he draws in. Once he has drawn in enough heat, Genghis will release the heat in one of two ways: the first way involves him exhaling the heat energy like he would do as a roar, though in stead of releasing it in the form of a tremendous blast, Genghis will release in the form of a crimson mist. The second way that he can do this is simply releasing the heat in the form of an aura of hot heat. Not matter what way he releases the heat, the results shall be the same as the cold air will mix with the heat energy, causing a distortion in the air around him as he can manipulate the heat and create an illusion of sort, tricking his opponents visual perception of the area around them. By using the illusion, Genghis is able to show his opponent whatever he desire, being able to take advantage of the great ability of tricking nearly everyone that see it. Genghis' preferred illusion is creating multiple clones of himself throughout the battlefield, confusing his opponent on deterring which one is actually him. He is also able to make illusions that target the opponent's mind as seen when he performed a mock battle with Annis, he was able to create an illusion of her foster father's dead body despite never meeting him. However despite this spells incredible support abilities, it does show a weakness; Genghis isn't able to keep the illusion for long periods of time if the air starts to become too cold which will cause the illusion to disappear as seen when he battled against Jadis in a sparring match.
  • [3]

    The Burning Sword of the King.

Vermillion Dragon's Conflagration Sword (朱竜の火事刀, Shuryū no Kajitō): Vermillion Dragon's Conflagration Sword is another unique Vermillion Dragon Slayer Magic spell that Genghis was not taught but instead he created after seeing and witnessing Ars utilize his Twilight Dragon's Longinus which conjugates an eternal blade that is formed by his own twilight energy. After seeing such a interesting spell, Genghis began trying to recreate it until he was able to come up with this spell, feeling satisfied with the results of it. By performing this spell, Genghis is able to summon what Jadis has unofficially named "the Burning Sword of the Dragon King" (竜王の燃え剣, Ryūō no Moeken). To utilize this spell, Genghis will gather heat into his hand and will begin to concentrate, exciting the heat until the point where it will conjugate fire in the palm of his hand. After doing so, Genghis will make use of his skill in Shape Transformation to change the shape of the fire to represent that of a flaming broadsword. To finish it off, Genghis will then utilize his own Magical Power to cause the blade of flames to solidify, making it seem like an actually sword and can be wield like such. As displayed by Genghis, this sword, depute having no edge, is incredibly sharp and when combined with the fact that it is made of intense fire, grants it the ability to cut through virtually anything that dares stand in its path. After acquiring the sword known as Dyrnwyn, Genghis does not use this spell in its standard way and instead prefers to run his magic through the blade and thus coat in a cloak of flames, greatly enhancing the overall damage that the sword can possibly unleash. Due to the special ability of Dyrnwyn which is acting as an amplifier for any Dragon Slayer Magic that happens to run through the blade, the flames that are produced are so hot that the very ground will begin to bubble from the intense heat. Something to note about this spell is that the sword will only stay manifested as long as Genghis is focusing his magic into the blade.

  • [4]

    Genghis creating wings of heat energy.

Vermillion Dragon's Jet Propulsion (朱竜の噴射, Shuryū no Funsha): Vermillion Dragon's Jet Propulsion is another unique Vermillion Dragon Slayer Magic spell that Genghis himself has created after seeing that Rikuand Jadis had a unique spell that gave both of them the ability to fly through the skies above and witnessing Annis had the ability to use her own light to boost her speed to new levels. Feeling rather jealous, though he would never it aloud, Genghis began to develop a spell that would allow him grant him the ability to enhance his speed and be able to fly. To perform this spell, Genghis will expel a great amount of heat energy from the soles of his feat as they will act as propellers, pushing him forward at incredible speeds and allowing him to dash access the battlefield while scorching the ground below him, leaving a trail of blackened earth. By making use of the spell, Genghis is able to move from one area to the next, appearing beside his opponent to deliver a barrage of attacks, raining down powerful strikes on his foes' body. He can also make use of the momentum that he build while he is using this spell to enhance the force of his punches as seen when he dashed towards a magical barrier, he was able to shatter it by using his moment to augment his punch. Genghis is also able to achieve flight by increasing the intensity of the heat energy that he releases, thus shooting into the sky and allowing him to maneuver as though he is comet, crashing into whatever obstacle stands within his way. By doing this, Genghis is able to keep up with opponents that can both fly and are usually much faster than him as he was able to trade blows with Tsuyo while he was donning Vermillion Scale Mail and using his own unique flight spell. However despite all the positives that this spell bring, there are some glaring weaknesses that lie within it. First of all, it takes a great amount of energy to fly and as such, it is possible for him to become tired after focusing on flying and fighting for too long. Second, it is hard for Genghis to change directions while he is using this spell and as such, he must stop to change directions, leaving himself open for a few seconds, which his opponent can take advantage of.

Advance SpellsEdit

Dragon Slayer's Secret Art (滅竜奥義, Metsuryū Ōgi): The strongest arts of the Dragon Slayer, and the final ones taught to a young Dragon Slayer in training. Such techniques possess extreme backlash to the user if used incorrectly, and thus, Genghis uses them extremely sparingly.

  • [5]

    Genghis firing his favorite technique in a focused manner.

World-Destroying Conflagration: Blazing Sprouting Destruction Edge (劫火・火芽破滅刃, Gōka: Kamehameha): Blazing Sprouting Destruction Edge is quite possibly Genghis' strongest spell within his arsenal, unleashing a explosive attack that will devistate the very earth. To preform this devastating attack, Genghis will cup his hands together, being very close together and will thrust them to his side. Genghis will then begin to focus as well as gather all the surrounding heat and eternano into a single point between his cupped hands, taking the form of a brilliantly colored vermillion orb of blistering thermal energy. Once Genghis is ready, he will thrust his hands forward and unleash an burning, powerful beam of blistering heat. This overwhelming attack will literally scorch the very earth that it makes contact with, to the point where it is unable to be used to grow anything. Genghis is able to change the direction of this attack willingly to hit his target in and position he wishes to. It is also noted that outside of its unbelievable devastating strength, this attack also has a unique effect incase the initial blast fails as the target will be blasted with the leftover thermal energy in the beam. This will create a large explosion that will literally melt the surrounding area around it. The technique can also be used, generally under extenuating circumstances, with just one arm. The technique is a pun on the Kamehameha of Dragon Ball Z, which is normally かめはめ波 "Turtle Destruction Wave" with different kanji 火芽破滅刃 to make it "Blazing Sprouting Destruction Edge". What makes this extremely ironic is the fact that Genghis is meant to be portrayed as a Vegeta-like character in which he would be using a technique like Final Flash or Galick Gun for a Secret Art.

Artificial Dragon Slayer's Secret Art (疑・滅竜奥義, Utagu Metsuryū Ōgi): The strongest arts of the Dragon Slayer. Due to the fact that Tsuyo is an artificial Dragon Slayer via his unique armor, he had to create his own unique Dragon Slayer Secret Arts. Such techniques possess extreme backlash to the user if used incorrectly, and thus, Tsuyo will only use them in desperate situation.

Dragon ForceEdit

"It seems you have pushed me this far. You have forced me to become the Dragon that conquers everything that stands in its path. As a reward, I shall grant you the privilege of being able to see but a fraction of my true strength. Now, fear the power of a Dragon Slayer."
—Genghis before entering Dragon Force.

Genghis' Lacrima Dragon Force.

Dragon Force (竜の力 (ドラゴン・フォース), Doragon Fōsu lit. Power of the Dragon): Dragon Force is an advanced Dragon Slayer ability that Genghis is able to access. Proclaimed to be the strongest and final stage that a Dragon Slayer can attain, Dragon Force transforms Genghis' body into a humanoid Dragon and due to being a Third Generation Dragon Slayer, he will gain unique tribal tattoos on his face, chest and arms as well as his hair will grow longer, extending to his back. He will also gain further elongated and sharp canine teeth that are capable of sinking into his foes' skin and ripping pieces of their flesh. Genghis proclaims that this form is "but a fraction a true Dragon Slayers' strength.", being able to destroy nearly everything that stands within his way like a raging dragon. As expected, Dragon Force greatly increases the damage that is done by Genghis' Dragon Slayer spells, and grants Genghis the ability to access more advance, powerful attacks. The transformation also drastically enhances the Genghis' physical prowess, granting him immense strength, more resilient allowing him to take more damage, and his Magical Power is significantly increased, as it will become visible, taking the appearance of a Dragon that resembles his foster mother. When his Magic Power is exuded at its fullest, it takes on a violent corporeality due to the incredible amount of Magic that is being employed. When Genghis uses his Dragon Slayer Magic, his heat energy gains the ability to burn offending Magic, destroying that which opposes him. Before becoming a Third Generation Dragon Slayer, Genghis was able to achieve Dragon Force by devouring a small portions of a substance known as the Flame of Sin, a powerful fire that is said to contain all of the sins that mankind has committed. After experiencing this form, Genghis wanted to have access to this form at all times, in case of emergency. He heard rumor of Dragon Slayers who implanted Dragon Lacrima into their body and were able to active Dragon Force manually. After hearing this rumor and confirming it, Genghis went through the procedure to have a Lacrima implanted within him, thus turning him into a Third Generation Dragon Slayer (三代滅竜, Sandai Metsuryū). Now Genghis is capable of activating Dragon Force at his own will, though he only saves it foropponents that he deems worthy.  :"I was foolish. To think I could kill a Dragon. To think I could cheat my way to ultimate power. I acted like a child, taking the shortest and easiest way possible, putting no effort into gaining power. But I have realized that to attain the strength that I need to become the true conquer, I must embrace the heat of not just the world but the sun as well. Now, I shall show you true power, the strength of a Natural Dragon Force!"

—Genghis activating his true Dragon Force, the results of his training.

Genghis' Natural Dragon Force.

However after Genghis had his Dragon Lacrima ripped out of his body byRagras, he regressed back to being a First Generation Dragon Slayer (初代滅竜, Shodai Metsuryū) and he also lost the ability to use Dragon Force at anytime he wished to do so. While he was undergoing Ragras' new and surprisingly more brutal training, he was informed that the Dragon Force that he was able to access due to his Dragon Lacrima was a False Dragon Force(従竜の力 (ファルヒーウ・ドラゴン・フォース), Faruhiiu Doragon Fōsu lit. Power of the Lesser Dragon). Much to Genghis' shock, the Dragon Force that he accessed was only half of the true power that Dragon Force can bestow upon the user, making him realize the consequences of his actions for trying to reach great power with the easiest path. When he asked about Damon's Dragon Force, Ragras explained that Damon's Dragon Force was stronger than his because he actually attempted to master the power that was bestowed him, making Genghis feel even more foolish and regret his power-hungry mentality. As he continued his training with Ragras, something incredible happened. While the two were sparring, Ragras used her Flare Nova Blaster, launching it at Genghis who was unable to dodge. Instead of trying to defend himself and lower the overall damage he would receive, Genghis took a risky gamble that could have resulted in his death: he devoured the spell, integrating it into his very being. The heat was so hot that Genghis states he still remember it burning his insides, his stomach searing at immensely high temperatures. By doing this incredibly stupid and dangerous deed, Genghis was reable to gain the ability to re-enter his Dragon Force, this time with all of its true power unleashed. When Genghis is in his natural Dragon Force, his skin becomes incredibly red and releases steam from his very body, almost as if he is going to explode at any given moment. He also gains scales in his face, arms and general torso area, proving extra defense to his body, and sharp canine teeth that look ready to sink into the flesh of his opponent. Due to his appearance while he is in his natural Dragon Force, Genghis has earned the moniker of the Mad Dragon of Eternal Heat (不暑の狂竜, Fusho no Kyōryū). Even after having the Lacrima re-implanted back into his body, thus allowing him to regain the ability to use Drive, Genghis is still able to access his natural Dragon Force as he was able to discover a way to turn off the Lacrima and unleashed the stored heat that Ragras let loose on him. Truly, Genghis has become the embodiment of a Dragon while he is in Dragon Force.


Genghis' Magical Power while in Dragon Force.

Enhanced Magical Power: Upon entering Dragon Force, Genghis' Magical Power increases significantly, allowing him to transcend the standard magical aura classification and enters an unique grade known as Dragon Aura (龍寝の魔霊気, Tatsumi no Mareiki; Literally meaningMagical Aura of the Sleeping Dragon), which is said to only be one-third of the standard Magical Power that a Dragon has stored within them. As expected of this special level of magical aura, Genghis's magic becomes visible to his enemies, taking the appearance of a Dragon that greatly resembles his foster mother, in a way that is similar to Aura Synthesis; this dragon strikes fear into the hearts of its enemies and exerts a heat that is so hot that it cause opposing magics to evaporate upon entering what he dubs as Cynheswch Gromen (遮熱の魔野 (シネスク・グロメン), Shinesuku Guromen; Welsh for "Heat Dome" and Japanese for "Magic Field of Shielding Heat"), an ability that he retains from his Drive. Thanks to his magical power being heightened, the strength of Genghis' spells are now severely augmented, being able to do significantly more damage and even gain new effects such Genghis' Dragon Roar being to absorb the power of nearly any type of magic, so long as it uses kinetic energy or his Incendiary Bomb spell re-absorbing the heat that it leaves in the area to result a second explosion occurring. Not only that but Genghis is able to access his Dragon Slayer's Ultimate Art (滅竜極義, Metsuryū Gokugi), his final and ultimate Dragon Slayer technique.

  • [9]

    Genghis' newfound speed grants him the ability to dash through the sky.

Enhanced Speed: As stated before, all of Genghis' physical and magical attributes are augmented upon activating Dragon Force and his speed is no exception, reaching a new level of speed that would have taken months of intense training. Genghis is now able to go from zero to Mach 5 in a flash, moving with such rapidity that he is able to appear as a vermillion-colored streak that dashing around the field with celerity in the eyes of his adversary. This allows him to move fast enough to instantly close a huge gap of space between him and the opponent and even disappear from the sight of his foe at moments. He can even utilize his Dragon Slayer Magic to act as propellers, further exceeding his previous running speed as well as granting him the ability of high-speed flight. He is also able to react faster, as he is able to dodge a spell that was fired at him from pointblank range, maneuvering with incredible swiftness and nimbleness. He is capable of reacting to his opponent's attacks by not only dodging but by actually parring their attacks, most of the time he breaks through their attacks and counters with a powerful blow that unleashes a devastating force upon them. Overall, Genghis is now an embodiment of speed, capable of destroying his foes in a flash.

  • [10]

    Genghis' newly acquired strength allows him to annihilate enemies.

Enhanced Strength: As expected, Genghis becomes incredibly strong after entering Dragon Force, his already monstrous strength being further augmented to the point of being considered unmeasurable. Genghis is capable of causing the earth beneath him to split by using a simple well-placed kick. His punches now have so much power behind them that they are able to cause cracks to appear on diamonds, which are known for their incredible hardness. When in combat, Genghis is able to tear through the defenses of his opponent, using his newfound strength to overpower his foe. He can utilize his punches to significant damage to magical barrier, even being able to destroy some through brute force. As he was able to do so before, Genghis can launch bullets of air pressure just by throwing simple punches though they are now noticeably large, being the size of his body, and have a drilling effect as they can be used to burrow through large constructs. He was able to use the strength that he acquires from Dragon Force to match and eventually defeat Ars Goetia who usually surpasses him in terms of strength, an incredible feat on its own. In layman's terms, Genghis has evolved from monster of power to a dragon of might, being able to take out whatever stands in his way with a few well-placed punches and leave his opponent battered and bruised.

  • [11]

    Genghis, despite taking enormous damage, still ready to fight with a smile.

Enhanced Durability and Endurance: Genghis, after accessing Dragon Force, becomes a unbreakable fortress, being able to take a great amount of incredible amounts of damage and shrug it off as though he was hit with a small insignificant object that is not worth his time. The reason behind this is due to his skin becoming similar to a dragon's scales, despite the change can not be seen due to Genghis being a Third Generation Dragon Slayer, and as such, the thickness of the scales protect Genghis from harm, allowing him to receive immense physical harm without going down. This allows him to fight against Tsuyo Ryokō on even-grounds, using his incredible endurance to allow himself last longer in the fights between the two. His endurance is also enhanced as well as he is now capable of lasting for longer periods of time than he was before, being able to go on for hours and hours on end. He is able to push further past his limit and fight his opponent with the same ferociousness that he would have it he was fully rested. This was seen when, after fighting a horde of demons, Genghis utilized his Dragon Force and was able to fight as though he had been subjected to a special drug that allowed him to keep going onward. Overall, Genghis is a monstrous beast that bows to no one in this form like a raging dragon that will destroy everything in its path.

Dragon Slayer's Ultimate Art (滅竜極義, Metsuryū Gokugi): The final and ultimate technique that is taught to a Dragon Slater by their dragon parent. This technique is meant to be used on death-situations only as this technique is very destructive to the point of making cities or even complete islands disappear, it also drains the user's entire magical energy. Ultimate Arts are unique to a certain individual and are more powerful than the Secret Arts. Usually a normal Dragon slayer can have up to one spell as it matches the number of elements that they are able to use. Despite there are some Dragon Slayers that are capable of obtaining a Dual Element Dragon Mode, they are unable to create another spell using the mode as only actual Dual Element Dragon Slayer are capable of doing so. Some Ultimate Arts are so powerful that if they are used in conjunction withDragon Force or Draconic Sovereign, the result of the spell would be an cataclysm although the user would probably die.

  • Long-standing Evils: Complete Destruction of Heaven and Earth (積悪・天地の灰燼, Sekiaku: Tenchi no Kaijin): The strongest spell that Genghis has in his arsenal; Complete Destruction of Heaven and Earth is the final spell within Vermillion Dragon Slayer Magic, being considered the "the ultimate and absolute spell that brings dragons to their knees". This spell is best described to be "the sun exploding in a brilliant burst of heat, destroying everything in its path in a crimson explosion." as being analyzed from an outsider's point of view. Due to the significantly large amounts of magic that is need to preform this spell, Genghis is restricted to only being able to access this spell while he is in Dragon Force. To utilize this incredibly powerful spell, Genghis will by absorbing a vast quantity of heat into his body, the heat actually being visible as it travels into Genghis' body, swirling around him as it travels into his very being. As Genghis is absorbing the immense amounts of heat, his body will begin to glow crimson and heat will begin to exert off his body, as expected from absorbing so much, causing nearby objects to melt from the sheer intensity of it and the very ground to start bubbling as though it was a liquid. After finishing the process of absorbing all the heat he can possibly contain, Genghis will unleash the heat in one of two ways: the safest way involves Genghis focusing the built-up heat into his palm, shaping it into the form a large crimson sphere of blistering heat and then launching at this intended target with the intention of whipping them off the face of Earth Land. To do this, Genghis extends his arm as he opens his palm and turns his hand up at a 90 degree angle and accumulate the heat into his palm as he will use his skill in manipulating magic to make the gathered heat to appear in the form of a enormous orb. He will then launch the orb toward his opponent, destroying everything and everyone that stands between it and its target. Upon making contact with its intended goal, the orb will detonate in a brilliant explosion leaving behind a mushroom cloud. Upon inspecting the blast radius of the spell, one would find that the entire area is entirely destroyed, leaving nothing but a crater and the remaining heat that lingers from the explosion. This variation is said to be the ultimate army-killer as it will annihilate everything in its wake. The other way to preform this spell, also known as the true spell, has earned the name of Dragon Slayer's Forbidden Art (滅竜禁義, Metsuryū Kingi) due to the incredibly high cost that is required to preform such a powerful spell. In order to use this variation, Genghis will force the heat that he has gathered into his Magic Origin, as it will begin to unstablize, causing flame-like ribbons of heat to spiral around his body. As the heat will rest in his Magic Origin, it will begin to unstablize and eventually Genghis will be unable to hold within himself. As Genghis declares "A King should not fall and have his body vanish with him, even if it means killing the enemy. A King must die on the battlefield, even if it is by his own hands, he mustn't admit that "someone made him consider such a pitiful death", his body will begin to emitting small flickers of red light, that resembles fireflies that are being unleashed from his skin. Genghis will unleash the stored and unstable heat that is within his body in the form of a massive crimson explosion that can be seen from miles away. This explosion will obliterate everything that is within the area of the explosion, turning it all into ashes. However after using this spell, Genghis' body will begin to dissipate as it will turn into small flickers of wispy energy as his Magic Origin is unstable and will result in his body breaking down. In layman's terms, Genghis will be turn into heat and will begin to cease to exist. Despite how powerful this spell is, there is a drawback as it takes a great amount of time to properly gather the heat within his body and it leaves him open to be attacked by his opponent.