Twilight Phoenix Kenpo (黄昏驚異拳法, Koukon Kyōi Kenpō) Is a fighting style created and practised by  

Klaus Crimson

And is designed to better use his Phoenix Slayer Magic in close combat.
Twilight Phoenix Kenpo



Koukon Kyōi Kenpō


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Klaus Crimson

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As Klaus trained in Magic his adopted father taught him various methods of martial arts the Phoenix had learnt over his hundreds of years alive. Klaus learnt these techniques well and began to blend them with his magic. When he started his journey alone he began to adapt the fighting styles he was taught into his own martial arts form, he dubbed it Twilight Phoenix Kenpo for it's purpose that skims both dark and light. The style can be adapted for other elements like light, fire, water etc. There are 7 major unarmed fighting style and 4 major armed fighting styles that Klaus was taught and uses within Twilight Phoenix Kenpo and also teaches to those who learn the style. It also uses "Universal Techniques" which are either used in all the styles or are techniques Klaus invented and actively trains to make them better and stronger.

Unarmed StylesEditEditEdit

  • Art of Heaven: A style know for it's kicking techniques and sub-style taught in The Temple of Northern Star in Mochina Island's northern mountains, the monks at the temple are famous for blending their kicks and sword work together seemlessly, while they teach style that focus on kicking they're not afraid of using punches as well. There are [1]

    Art of Heaven in use.

also 4 branches (aside from the originali version) martial art created by 4 master who were direct students of the Grandmaster, these 4 made new version fusing other styles into the original or modifying the style to make the new style.

  • Path of Earth: A style known for it's elbow and knee techniques. It also makes good use of the head, feet and fists for fighting when used the style is brutal and do real damage to an opponant. It originates from the Temple of Crimson Earth in the southern mountains on Mochina Island.
  • Tiger Claw: A style known for it's brutal application of strength yet inner peace. The style uses clawing techniques and powerful kicks (amoung other techniques) developed over years of hard training. The monks are known to break the tips of their fingers to increase the effects of their clawing techniques. It is also known for a weird style known as the Drunken Tiger (read Tiger Claw section for info).
  • Wise Dragon: The Wise Dragon style focuses on close range clawing and seizing techniques as well as zig zag footwork. While the attacks may be similar to the Tiger Claw style it uses a more circular approch and has little high kicks prefering to focus on the lower body, kicks are normally aimed at the shins, thighs, knees and ankles.
  • Soaring Phoenix: The Soaring Phoenix Style uses long ranged kicks and beak strikes (bunching the 4 fingers and thumb into a single point emulating a bird's beak). the hand strikes are designed for pressure points such as the armpit, temple, shoulder and joints. They are also used to utilize arm and wrist locks, when defending the style uses sweeping circular blocks to create opennings.
  • Stalking Leopard: The Stalking Leopard style is a fast and agressive style, it uses rapid fire punches using a fist formation known as the Leopard Paw (half open palm strike using the ridge formed by folding the fingers at the first phalangeal joint). The style also uses low sudden kicks aimed at the stomach down, these kicks are designed to break an opponant's guard and if possible bring them to the ground. Despite it's focus on using the Leopard Paw it does use regular punches using in a similar method as the focus but these punches look more like fast paced boxing.
  • Vemonous Snake: The Vemonous Snake Style is an intresting style that uses the tips of the fingers to strike, grab and if used right kill. The practioner opens their hands flat as if placing them on a table and moves them like a snakes head moves, when attacking the fighter strikes at weak spots like eyes, throat and groin but also grab and constrict the opponant with a vice like lock. The style has very little in the way of kicks but many practioners add kicks from toher styles to suppliment the style.

Armed StylesEditEditEdit

A style known for it's flowing swordplay, even when not attacking or defending the practioners do not stop the sword from moving. The sword or swords constantly flow around the practioner's body creating a wall of defence incase of sudden attacks. Often practioners will bring the sword back around their head for another attack or block, using hands to deflect attacks is a common technique for well trained swordsmen of this style. Sword twirling is also common as well as a method of keeping the sword flowing during combat. One of the most important features other than constant sword flow is foot work. When fighting with the techniques of this style a practioners will move their feet around constantly shifting around their opponant making them incredibly hard to hit directly. The style is also known for it's stick and knife fighting, using similar techniques and methods to swords but faster, more agressive and at closer range. Knives are commonly held in a icepick grip (reverse grip) and used to cut tendons and ligaments or stabbing those hard to reach organs, sticks are unleashed in relentless strikes using the similar defenses as the blades.

  • Falling Sakura: A style known for it's relaxed elegant and smooth techniques and was created from Hyogo Mastu's knowledge of the Flash Sword Style and adapti[2]

    Falling Sakura in use

ng it to suit his mindset of waiting for the perfect moment before attacking. the main tactic for the style is not to meet an opponant with full strength but to flow around them like a sakura pettle dancing in the wind. The style is mainly a battojutsu style keeping the sword sheathed for the start of the fight before drawing the blade at lightning speed landing a series of attacks to finish the fight before re-sheathing the blade, though it is common to see a expert practioner to flow around attacks and strike with the sheathed sword. Many other the other masters who witnessed the creator use this style thought he was a coward, unfit to draw his sword let alone carry it. But thats where the tactics of the style comes into play, the user lets his opponant get over confident and focus more on the attack only to be caught out by the sudden counter of their opponant. It is also known for a unique bit of Sword Magic called the Senbonzakura Technique, this technique uses magic to turn the blade into millions of shards that surround the opponant or gather around Markus then fly towards the target shredding them.

  • Deadly Night: A style known for it's deadly accuracy and speed, the style revolves around circular movements emulating the moon itself (full, half or crescent moon). Experts use circular blocks followed by deadly attacks at opennings and even striking head onto the opponan'ts blade but somehow missing the blade entirely without any hint of circling around it. When magic is used in this style it's mainly water or ice magic allowing for the mage using this style to follow up with a finishing attack from either the sword or if using water based attacks lightning magic. It also has large number of spear based techniques after one of the style's greatest masters adapted the sword techniques for a polearm, however these are very direct strikes useing less circular movements (refering to moon & starlight).
  • Blazing Day: A style known for it's raw power. Effectivly the crazed cousin to the Deadly Night Style, this particular style appears at first glance to be like anyone other sword fighting style around Earth-Land but at a closer look it is much more the user of this style uses more complex footwork and acrobatic strikes, for example if used in a sword fight an skilled practioner of this style will circle his lead foot around an opponants and push forward causing the opponant to move back and trip or atleast loose balance, then the Blazing day fighter with attack with an acrobatic technique cartwheeling over the opponant using the sword as his arms cartwheeling over the opponant while plunging the sword into their chest. When magic is involved the style uses fire or light as it's basis, though it is more common to see fire as the light version of this style has been lost for centuries. Like it's sister style it has an extensive number of spear techniques using similar acrobatic techniques and circular attacks using the spear's length to the advantage of the practioner.
  • Crimson Dragon: THis style is the epitomy of elegance using a flowing style that strikes fast and hard while constantly moving around the opponant(s). Users of this style keep their sword(s), arm(s) and legs constantly moving so not to give their opponant a target to strike easily, due to this the practioners of this style must build their stamina up first before strength and speed are worked on. Knives and Sticks are used as well in the style, this most unique feather of this style is that if the user is using one weapon their free hand is used to parry attacks and put opponats into arm/wirst locks or land a punch or elbow to the opponant to break their flow..


Training in the style is also of great importance and varies on how the student's frame of mind is when they first begin to learn. For example a student who is shy, reserved and lacking confidence will receive initial training that builds their confidence and brings them out of their shell. While a student who is determind, confident and out-going will receive training that tempers the potentual arrogance they may gain from learning the style's power such as many sparring matches designed to teach humility and mercy (when necessary). The addition of instincts and adaptation

is highly important in the style. This comes from Markus' belief that sticking to set forms or techniques cna lead to predictive techniques and tactics leading to a quick and devastating defeat, students are taught to invent new tactics and techniques as they learn the style and from life. However a path must be found to truely master the style this can lead to the versions known as Flawed, Broken and Perfected.


The height of the Meditation Trainin

Flawed: Flawed Twilight Phoenix Kenpo is where a student learns the style but doesn't show control of the mind, body and spirit and uses the style for his/her own gain.

Broken: Broken Twlight Phoenix Kenpo is where a student masters the control of his/her mind, body and spirit but is conflicted or "broken" when it comes to a path.

Perfected: The perfected version of the style is where a student has mastered his/her control over themselves and follows the right path for the style.

The bulk of training focuses on combat, spiritual refinement and physical improvement. This is achieved by meditation, running with weights on and sparring with weights on (or under the effect of gravity magic). the training takes many years (and broken bones) to finish and even after the sparring, meditation and workouts are done practioners still learn as the basis is adaptation and learning from your opponant, making new techniques and tactics from their actions. Also for those who can use magic that is important, figuring out a way to utilize their magic in a combat situation and over coming and opponant with said magic.

Unarmed TechniquesEditEditEdit

Universal TechniquesEditEditEdit


Katana Kick in use

  • Katana Kick (刀蹴, Toushū): This is a simple yet powerful roundhouse kick. Using two or more of this technique at a time renames the attack Daisho Kick (大昌蹴, Daishōshū).
  • Lance Kick: (槍蹴, Yarishū) A powerful sidekick that can be done in rapid succession turning it into Spear Wall (槍塀, Yariheri).
  • Iron Fist: (鉄拳, Tekken) A simple punch that can be used as a jab, cross, hook, uppercut etc. Using it in a chain of punches creates Iron Boxing (鉄闘,Tetsutō).
  • Buddha Palm (仏平手, Futsu Hirate): A palm strike that can be proformed as a forward palm thrust or slap with the base of the palm. A full power the attack when done as a palm thrust can send one of Daimon's beasts back at least 40 metres.
  • Wood-cutting Kick (木裁ち蹴, Kitachishū): A simple yet powerful axe kick.
  • Rock Knee (岩膝, Iwahiza): A simple yet powerful knee that can be used in a flying method known asMeteor Knee(流星膝, Ryūsei Hiza).
  • Gust Elbow (風肘, Kazehiji): An elbow strike normally used with Rock Knee, or other close range strikes.
  • No Mercy: (無慈悲, Mujihi) After knocking an opponant down the user leaps onto them and begins to brutally beat them into the ground.
  • Deadly Falls (致死秋, Chishiaki): This technique is a simple shoulder or hip throw using just enough strength and weight (from the opponant) to cause some serious damage. Along with openning the enemy up to extra attacks.
  • Nine Feathers (九羽, Kyūha): The Nine Feathers are a series of powerful techniques that all practioners of Twilight Phoenix Kenpo learn and are the hardest in the style. The First Feather is the weakest and the ninth is the strongest and so far only known by Markus
    • First feather: Kinetic Storm (最初の羽:運動の嵐, Saisho no hane: Undō no arashi): The first technique of the 9 Feathers. The idea behind this is using the kinetic energy built up from moving at high speed while focusing their raw strength inwards along with thier magic to compensate. Once the user enters a certain space known as The Void (空間, Kūkan) they release the power they focused inwards creating a tornado like effect which can be used to create a multi-strike per single punch effect.
    • Ninth Feather: Eternal Phoenix (第九羽:永遠の鳳凰, Dai kyū-ba: Eien no hōō): This so far is only known by Markus he firsts takes up a stance that looks like he's kneeing an invisible opponant in the face while holding their head in place. Like the First Feather he focuses his magic and power inward, before releasing a pulse of magical power at his opponant (which is shown by pushing his hands out) followed by attacking so fast that it's near impossible to tell what techniques he used and can only get an idea by looking at the impact points. The draw back is that the technique is so powerful it puts a huge strain on Markus body and actually causes his muscles to seize up and his magic to seal itself for a day.

Art of Heaven on Mortal LandsEditEditEdit

  • Form One: Rise to Heaven (様式1:天を生じ, Yōshiki 1: Ten o shōji): This is the basic form of the style. it involves basic strikes and kicks at first then starts to show it's style, as the form progresses it begins to use slightly more complex kicks such as double kicks and jump kicks. The upper body strikes use stright direct punches, knife hands aimed at the neck and side of the head and some elbows.
  • Form Two: Divine Wind (形2:神風, Katachi 2: Kamikaze): This form uses entirely cicular movements each punch and kick is done in a circle. It uses roundhouse kicks both high, medium and low along with wide powerful hooks and haymakers.
  • Form Three: Chaos Kick (形式3:混沌蹴り, Keishiki 3: Konton keri): this technique is the one of the most acrobatic and destructive form in the style. It starts with a butterfly twist kick followed by 3-4 cartwheel kicks those are followed by hyper hook kick and finished with a 720 twist into splits. If used right it can devastate a large number of enemies with relative ease, the main weakness of this form is momentum. Meaning the used must keep the combo going and can't stop half way or the power will vanish.
  • Form Four: Red Heaven (形4:赤い天, Katachi 4: Akai ten): This form involves kicks as it's primary form of attack, between some kicks is a fake out for example; either starting a kick then wobbling the lower leg to hide the direction of the kick. Or simply spinning around creating momentum for an actual kick. When used it has other techniques mixed in to create even more confusion as the technique forces opponant's to focus on the user's feet. It is also a very long form with over 500+ movements, though the full series of movements are rarely used.
  • Form Five: Fists of Fury (形五:怒りの拳, Katachi go: Ikari no ken): Despite it's name this form does have some kicks in it. Primarily a punching form the kicks are designed to break an opponant's guard or limit footwork by cracking bones or bruising them. The punches themselves are boxing like using jabs, hooks, uppercuts, backfists and haymakers in creative ways such as a backfist swung around diagonally instead of horizontally creating a path for similar rolling punches to be unleashed before a quick round kick to the opponant's shin to force him/her to create a gap in their guard by reacting to the sudden pain in his/her leg.
  • Form Six: The Rhythm of Heaven (天のリズム:六を形成, Ten no rizumu: Roku o keisei): This is the most acrobatic form of them all and one of the most physically demanding. The user of this form pulls off highly acrobatic beak-dancing like kicks, the hands and arms and mainly used as a balance for the kicks but there are some punches and open hand techniques. These are done between landing kicks.
  • Form Seven: Return to Earth (形七地球戻る, Katachi nana chikyū modoru): A form that relies on sweeps and throws, using fast punches and open hand strikes to disrupt an opponant's rhythm and make the form easier to use. It's also a great form to use against several opponants using the throws to allow the user to regain their composure and break up the group's pattern and rhythm.
  • Form Eight: Monk's Wrath (形式八:僧の怒り, Keishiki hachi: Sō no ikari): The name of these form comes from a moment in Master Lao Fu-Yi's life where a thug struk a young child. He flew into a rage and brutality beat the thug with this form. First he starts with avoiding an attack elbowing the attacker in the back of his/her head, then followed by a sweep kick. After the sweep the user kicks the opponant in the side with a round kick followed by a axe kick that hits them into the ground with enough force they bounce up for a backflip kick followed by the final strike. The final strike is a double palm strike to the opponant with enough force to send them flying and causing serious injuries. Luckly he remembered the techniques he used and intergrated it to his version of Art of Heaven.
  • Form Nine: Heavenly Light (形九:天の光, Katachi kyū: Ten no hikari): This form is the most brutal of the style. First the user lands a powerful spinning side kick to the opponant's knee in an attempt to break it in two. This is followed by a brutal kindey punch and then a downward punch, this punch is fillowed by a powerful knee to the opponant's face. Before they can recover the user then headbutts their opponant int he nose then a uppercut sending them into the air only to drop down onto the final strike a side kick aimed up into their back (Similar to the Rising Wind Kick technique). If the final strike lands correctly the opponant ends up draped over the user's foot.
  • Form Ten: Wrath of Heaven (形式テン:天の怒り, Keishiki ten: Ten no ikari): This form is a fusion of all the previous forms but focusing on Form Four: Red Heaven and For'[5]

    The Sky Kick.

'm Five: Fists of Fury and normally ending with Form Nine: Heavenly Light. In the brutal, fast and devastating form of amazing acrobatic and dynamic kicks, rapid machine gun punches and destructive throws. This was the final form of the Art of Heaven style created by Master Lao Fu-Yi as the peak of his Art of Heaven on Mortal Lands version of the style. While other forms were created by later masters this particular form is still seen as the peak of the style and was what all later forms were based from.

  • Sky Kick (天蹴, Tenshū): This is a kick that goes straight up which makes it in essence a reversed axe kick.
  • Sonic Jab (音波ジャブ, Onpa jabu): This attack is a simple back fist jab to an opponant's face, chest or groin. The reason for it's name is that a master can punch so fast while using this technique it creates a sonic boom like effect and sound upon impact.
  • Pivot (枢軸, Sūjiku): The user simply counters his opponant's melee attack with a pivot based throw using depending on the attack; wrists, hips, shoulders or ankle to throw them on the floor. This technique is normally seen used to break up an assualt from multiple opponants by throwing one aside allowing the user to counter the other attacker's attempted strikes.
  • Buster (破壊者, Hakaimono) First the user waits for an opponant to punch, he/she then ducks under the attack and as it passes his shoulder he brings his left or right fist up over theattack and land a devastating blow to the opponant's face.
  • Flare Kick (燃す蹴り, Mosushū): A simple technique, first the user preforms a inside crescent kick followed by a hand less cartwheel kick in one fluid combo.[6]

    Rising Wind Kick

  • Rising Wind Kick (上昇風蹴り, Jōshō-fū keri): To use this technique the opponant must be in the air, so throwing them in the air or using a kick to launched them is advised. Then the user will go directly below their point of decent and start to spin angling their body to kick directly up in the air, striking them with immense force build up from the spinning.

Path of EarthEditEditEdit

  •  Earth Assault (地球強襲, Chikyū kyōshū): This moves involves a series of rapid punches and knees to wear down the opponant. and is possibly one of the more common combos of the style.
  • Wrath of Earth (土の憤り, Tsuchi no ikidōri): A brutal series of strikes. First the user lands a powerful punch to the opponants face, ducks under any counter and uses a spinning elbow attack using the elbow furthest away from the opponant. After the eblow lands the user uses a knee to push the enemy back for a front kicks to the stomach followed instantly by a kicks to the side of the head using the same foot via a roundkick. The final attack is a jumping elbow and knee strike finishing the form and ending the fight (with luck).
  • Mountain Breaking Form (山速報形, Yama sokuhō katachi): This form is designed to hit the opponant with as much force as possible. The attacks are brutal and direct, the kicks are landed with the shin making use of the solid bone. Clinch fighting is also well used in this form after breaking the guard the user grabs the back of the opponant's head and beats the hell out of them.[7]
  • Wrath of Earth (地球の怒り, Chikyū no ikari): A technique that uses three powerful strikes. First is a straight punch aimed at the the area of the chest up to the face, a knee to the mid-section and a double elbow blow to the top of the head. The technique can be mixed into any of the forms as a guard breaker combo or as a finishing combo.
  • Black Tortoise (げんぶ, genbu): When using this the user takes a close defensive stance allowing for great counters. This only applies to the initials assualt from the enemy, after the user of this form has broken the pattern of his/her opponant they switch to an aggressive form still retaining the stance (or a stance similar). Using powerful punches, kicks, knees and clintches to break the opponant and brutal throws based from the clitch.

Tiger ClawEditEditEdit

  • Tiger Cub (虎幼, Tora yō): The most basic form of the style. It is build on a series of simple yet powerful punches, kicks, holds and clawing techniques. As practioners of this style must prepare their fingers for the clawing techniques so they should already be able to do some damage with even these basic techniques. The form also acts as a workout increasing muscle tone and stamina, it also allows them to build a basis for their personal style of Tiger Claw.
  • Tiger's Rage (虎怒, Toraika): A very brutal from that is rarely taught due to it's level of brutality, so much so even Markus rarely uses it let alone teach it. The idea of the form is to let your anger guide your strikes, while a concept that proves useful many practioners of the Tiger Claw style end up becoming blood drunk while using this form and kill when they never intended to. The form is highly animalistic with little signs of control. Each move is wild and rage filled, even when the opponant is down the user will leap on them brutally attacking their face, neck and chest. Markus rarely uses this despite his level of control as he feels it is degrading to his soul and humanity.
  • Tiger Catching Prey (虎捕捉餌食): Tora hosoku ejiki) This technique uses powerful kicks and flesh ripping clawing and seizing techniques to end an opponant's aggression. The attacks are powerful and fast fighting with an almost animal like mentality, true masters of this technique and it's parent style can enter a trance like state that puts them on the edge of becoming the tiger and keeping their humanity.
  • Tiger Verses Crane (鶴対虎, Tsuru tai tora): This form uses clawing and powerful kicking techniques common in the Tiger Claw style but also uses the long range kicks and sweeping circular blocks and hand formations that resemble a beak. When used a new practitioner uses the tiger based techniques for attack and the crane for defence. a master however can use both at the same time shifting roles instantly to finish the fight quickly.
  • Five Tigers (五虎, Itsutora): The Five Tiger form is actually the fusion of five sub forms known as Fire, Earth, Water, Wood and Air. Each has difference in execution but they still use the classic clawing and kicking techniques of the Tiger Claw style, all these forms are based off the other forms which have been adapted in a way that improves on the other forms while keeping them seperate as well.
    • Fire Tiger (火虎, Hitora): Fire Tiger uses agressive and fast techniques but also uses a great number of strikes made while holding an opponant's limbs as if the fire is covering their body. On top of that the form uses many open palm strikes to disorientate the oponant like the smoke of a fire, the aggression of the style emulates a raging inferno relentless and uncompramising burning and turning everything into ash in it's path.
    • Earth Tiger (地球虎, Chikyū tora): The Earth version is very solid and rooted in it's stance. Used in more of a defensive capacity, it utilizes heavy strikes against it's opponant while maintaining a strong defensive area around the user, the power makes it like an avalance or earthquake crushing and smashing it's target all the while clawing at it as if they fingers of the user are made from obsidian.
    • Water Tiger (水虎, Suitora): The water tiger form uses smooth flowing techniques and explosive power that allows the user to flow around an opponant's attacks and break them down. When using the form it uses a good number of strikes which include hard & direct punches, palm strikes, powerful kicking and clawing with the main focus on defence being parries, blockes and avoidence. The movements leading to the strikes are like a calm stream or river but as the user move in too land the blow the strikes become llike a tsunami or a worldpool smashing the enemy around with brutal yet flowing power mixed with the flesh rending clawing and powerful kicks.
    • Wood Tiger (木材虎, Mokuzai tora): Wood is similar to earth in the fact it's solid and rooted. However instead of taking the attack then countering the user of this form parries the blow like a branch bending in the wind and attacking. The form is suple and strong using the bending motion of a tree branch to absorb the blow and return it with the user's strength boosting their opponant's own returned damage.
    • Wind Tiger (風力虎, Fūryoku tora): Wind works alittle like Water except the attacks are never done at the opponant's front they attack their sides or back and uses the enviroment to leap around their opponant. The strikes like the wind swirl around striking with amazing speed before moving to attack from another angle, the users keep moving sweeping the opponant(s) legs or attacking several at a time as they flow between the horde.
  • White Tiger (白虎, Byakko): The top form of the Tiger Claw form, using aspects of all the the forms (except the Drunken Tiger and Tiger's Rage forms) with a focus on the Five Tigers forms fusing them into the ultimate form of the style. It uses the Five Tigers forms with the Tiger CubTiger Catching Preyand Tiger Vs Crane in support switching between them between the forms of the Five Tigers with the main focus from the Five Tiger is Water Tiger and Fire Tiger using the smooth flowing techniques and explosive power of Water and the speed and aggression of Fire.
  • Drunken Tiger (酔った虎, Yotta tora): Created after a monk who was a master of the Tiger Claw style saw a tiger who had just had an operation to save it's life. The tiger had recently woken up from the medication to knock him out and was staggering around like a drunk, he spent almost an hour staggering around and swipping at invisible enemies a common side effect of the medicine. The master saw this and thought of how effective the tiger's methods would be in combat, so the master spent years fusing the Tiger Claw style with the Drunken Style of Long Tai Temple several miles north of his home. The style is unpredictable and hard to counter as the user must stagger and purpously fall during certain techniques and act as if they have had way too much to drink. The focus is relativly the same using powerful kicks and clawing techniques but also using staggering kicks and punches designed to set up the next strike and block fluidly.

Wise DragonEditEditEdit

  • Becoming the Dragon (竜なって, Ryū natte): This form is designed to increase the user's core muscles and teach them the techniques that form the basis for the style. Initially the user learns to use just regular punches and low kicks before slowly using more clawing techniques.
  • Infinite Dragon (無限龍, Mugen ryū): A series of clawing and seizing techniques similar to the Tiger Claw style but not as aggressive or forceful, each strike is done in a circular movement to create the emblem for infinity. Each strike is done while a step forward in done.
  • Gold Dragon (金竜, Kin ryū): Gold Dragon is one of the longer techniques in the Wise Dragon style it uses nearly 200 different strikes, blocks and throws attacking the opponant's joins, face and throat with clawing, punching and low powerful kicking. Each attack is done in a circular motion to build mroe momentum to aid the apparent lack of aggression.
  • Jade Dragon (玉龍, Gyokuryū): This form is actually more akin to the Tiger Claw style, meaning it's highly agressive and brutal incontrast to the rest of the Wise Dragon style which is more internal than external. The user of this form attacks first unleashing several close range clawing techniques, elbows and sweeps followed by a lift and slam technique. After slamming their opponant the user throws them aside ready for the next opponant.
  • Iron Dragon (鉄の龍, Tetsu no ryū):This form is the most defensive of all the Wise Dragon forms. The user's stance become closer and more reserved allowing for easier defence, when attacked the user uses swift circular blocks with powerful clawing and low kicking techniques. When using this the practioner NEVER attacks frist as this form is primarily a counter attack form, it also isn't uncommon for practoners of this form to use Steel Magic or develop a technique that hardens their skin via manipulation of their magical energy.
  • Azure Dragon (青龍, Seiryū): The ultimate form of the Wise Dragon form. The users of the form fight in a tranquile trance allow them to utilize their full inner power, oddly enough the stance is more upright and relaxed it also doesn't use many of the usual clawing techniques of the previous forms, instead focuses on slapping and open palm techniques along with elbows and knees. The power of these slaps come from years of training and striking with the base of the palm and not the fingers of top area of the palm.

Soaring PhoenixEditEditEdit

  • Phoenix Beak (鳳凰嘴, Hōō Kuchibashi): The user strikes with his hand in crane beak formation (all five didget tips bunched into one point). He then strike at pressure points using circular blocks.
  • Flock of the Phoenix (鳳群, Ōtorigun): This is a pressure point striking form. It involves the user launching a barrage of Phoenix Beak strikes and accurate elbows at several pressure points and joints. Each strike is done in a circular motion allowing for easy dodges and footwork.
  • Phoenix Talons (鳳凰タロン, Hōō taron): This form uses a variation of the Tiger Claw hand formation. Unlike the Tiger Claw version which uses all 5 fingers this form uses three (first and second fingers plus the thumb) to claw away at the opponant, mainly aiming for joints and soft spots. The thing that sets this form apart from the Soaring Phoenix style is that it doesn't use many kicks.
  • Vermillion Bird (朱雀, Suzaku): The Vermilion Bird form is the peak of the style using rapid beak strikes, long ranged kicks and palm strikes with sweeping blocks. It also uses fluid throws using the sweeping blocks in an agressive manner instead of a defensive manner. On top of that it uses leaping kicking combos almost exactly like a bird.

Stalking LeopardEditEditEdit

  • Hunting Leopard (猟豹, Ryōhyō): A series of strikes using the leopard paw strike (half open palm strike using the ridge formed by folding the fingers at the first phalangeal joint), it also uses low sweeping kicks mimicing the whipping tail of the Leopard. The form also uses a great deal of speedy footwork letting the user dart in and out of combat like a leopard weakening powerful prey.
  • Striking Leopard (印象ヒョウ, Inshō hyō): Unlike Hunting Leopard which relies on hit and run tactics the Striking Leopard form is focused on actual combat as if two leopards fighting over hunting grounds. It uses the iconic tactic of attacking and defend at the exact same time. By catching the attack and instantly strike back the user can maintain his offensive momentum and beat his opponant down with a series of fast knuckle blows and blinding kicks.

Venomous SnakeEditEditEdit

  • Striking Cobra (目立つコブラ, Medatsu Kobura): The user utlizes a spear hand strike (using the tips of the fingers to strike) attacking eyes, temple and other pressure points to stop enemies in their tracks. He also makes use of stealthy low kicks. The form was famous several hundred years ago as a deadly assassin method of combat.
  • Mighty Python (強大パイソン, Kyōdai paison): The form uses powerful grappling and throwing techniques to break bones and keep an opponant off guard and balance. One technique born from this form is The Deadly Boa technique that can snap a fully grown man in half.
  • Snake Pit (蛇ピット, Hebi pitto): This form is effectivly a more advanced version of Striking Cobra using a widerveriaty of techniques like high kicks, punches and elbows along with the spear hand strikes and a strong use of throws and grappling. To start this form though it is advisable to use ambush tactics to gain the upperhand straight away.
  • King Cobra (王コブラ, Ō kobura): This form is the ultimate version of the Vemonous Snake style using all the previous forms in one. Using rapid strikes and powerful grapples the form is designed to brutally break the opponant.

Markus' TechniquesEditEditEdit

  • Demonic Katana Kick (鬼刀蹴, Onitoushū): Markus thrusts his body at the opponent with accumulated speed, and, using the momentum, delivers a powerful reverse roundhouse from a lower position than his opponent strong enough to push them back.
    • Demonic Twister Katana Kick (悪魔竜巻刀蹴り, Akuma tatsumaki katana keri): A more over the top version of Demonic Katana Kick. First Markus leaps in the air and spins like a top and drops back to the ground, once he reaches the right height above the ground he puts a foot down and lunges forward using the momentum from the spinning to increase the power of the kick. It also has the added benifit of Wind based magic from his Phoenix Slayer Magic to add anew twist to the attack.
  • Phantom Kick (幻像蹴, Genzouke): Also known as the Fading Kick (褪色蹴り, Taishoku keri) Used after a strike to the face. Markus ducks down under any counters and swings his legs around in a breakdancing fashion to trip up his opponant and follow up with a front flip axe kick at low altitude (almost touching the ground).
  • 11 Storms of Heaven ([8]

    An example of how Demonic Katana Kick would be used.

天国の11嵐, Tengoku no 11 arashi): Markus' original forms of the Art of Heaven on Mortal Lands taking his knowledge of all the styles he knows and fusing them with the Art of Heaven style, this gives the forms a unique twist and a degree of surprise.

    • Form One: Storm Paradise (形式1:嵐の楽園, Keishiki 1: Arashi no rakuen): This form is a form created by Markus who took the Red Heaven form and added his personal touch in the form of self made techniques and his Slayer Magic. MArkus adds the raw power of his magic with the Pivot technique and free style brawling, this inceases the raw power and adds an factor of un predictablity
    • Form Two: Wrath of the Divine Tiger (形式2:神虎の怒り, Keishiki 2: Shinko no ikari): fuses theWrath of Heaven form and Tiger's Rage form along with the Pivot technique to make a serious effective and dangerous form. The form is highly aggressive and brutal using amazing kicks and clawing techniques to destroy everyone in his path.
    • Form Three: Divine Tiger Form (形式3:神虎, Keishiki 3: Shinko): A personal form created by Markus. The form is a fusion of the Tiger Catching Prey form and Red Heaven Form. It uses the techniques used in the Red Heaven Form and the clawing and seizing techniques from the Tiger Catching Prey form. This is one of Markus' personal favirote forms and can be devastating when used with the right application of strength.
    • Form Four: Divine Tiger Steals God's Wine (型式4:神虎盗む神ワイン, Katashiki 4: Shinko nusumu kami wain) Another of Markus' creations and another of his favirote forms. This form fusing Red Heaven Form with the Drunken Tiger form, it like Divine Tiger Form uses the techniques from Red Heaven Form with the drunken staggering, clawing and seizing from the Drunken Tiger form. The technique is highly effective on groups using the staggering and falling to avoid attacks while maintaining great positions for surprise attacks and counters. The form starts off with regular strikes from the Red Heaven form and suddenly switches to wild drunken attacks fusing the two forms into one devastating form.
    • Form Five: Wrath of the Gold Phoenix (形式五:金鳳凰の怒り, Keishiki go: Kin hōō no ikari): A fusion of the forms Wrath of HeavenGold DragonFlock of the Phoenix and Pivot. This form is easily one of Markus' most brutal forms. It's as aggressive as the Wrath of the Divine Tiger but makes use of pressure point strikes to disable his opponants and setting up for more brutal techniques.
    • Form Six: Rhythm of the Mountain Tiger (形成する6:山虎のリズム, Keisei suru 6: Yamatora no rizumu): A form that fuses The Rhythm of HeavenTiger Catching Prey and Mountain BreakingForms. This creates a style focused around acrobatic kicking combos, powerful punches & elbows and beastial clawing to create a style that appears highly animalistic and destructive in combat, it also allows MArkus to smash armor and exploit the bare flesh of the opponant.
    • Form Seven: Wrath of the Jade Dragon (形式7:玉龍の怒り, Keishiki 7: Gyokuryū no ikari): This form fuses Warth of Heaven allowing for a great veriaty of strikes with the brutality of Jade Dragonforms. This makes the forms look very animalistic in combat and is great for inducing fear into enemies waiting for their turn at Markus.
    • Form Eight: Wrath of the Stalking Leopard (形式八:忍び寄るヒョウの怒り, Keishiki hachi: Shinobiyoru hyō no ikari): This form mixes Hunting Leopard and Wrath of Heaven into one. Using the attack and defend in one motion and dynmaic, powerful kicking techniques from both style, allows Markus to create a form that lets him counter instantly and dish out some serious injuries with lightning quick and sudden attacks.
    • Form Nine: Divine Cobra (形式九:神コブラ, Keishiki kyū: Kami kobura): This form fuses the veriaty of kicks from Red Heaven and the spear hands from Striking Cobra. This form uses the spear hand techniquesto slow and impead an opponant's attacks with the kicks mixed in to beat an opponant into submission. Sometimes Markus does throw in the gapples and throws of the Deadly Boa form to mix things up alittle.
    • Form Ten: Wrath of Five Animals on Divine Mountain (形十:神の山に五匹の怒り, Katachi jū: Kaminoyama ni go-biki no ikari): This form fuses the Wrath of HeavenMountain BreakingTiger Cratching PreyGold DragonFlock of the PhoenixHunting Leopard & Striking Cobra forms. Creating possibly the ultimate unarmed form of Twilight Phoenix Kenpo, it uses the massive array of kicks, punches, claws, throws and sheer destructive capability to totally wipe out any attacker. The main advantage it can instantly switch between the listed forms or if Markus wants to add abit of surprise other forms he adds in, for example he may start to destroy opponants with the Wrath of Heaven form as an openning to the form but can instantly switch to the Mountain Breaking form when someone gets in close by using an elbow block against their attack before switching to clinch fighting and landing some brutal knees to their face. After that he can disable a group of enemies with the Flock of the Phoenix & Striking Cobra forms, which can then lead to more of the Wrath of Heaven form with elements of Tiger Catching Prey & Gold Dragon forms.
    • Form Eleven: Wrath of the Four Divine Beasts (形式11:神獣の怒り, Keishiki 11: Kamikemono no ikari): A fusion of the Wrath of HeavenWhite TigerVermilion BirdAzure Dragon and Black Tortoise forms. This form is the true ultimate form of the Twilight Phoenix Kenpo, utilizing a tranquil fury with brutal kicking, devastating knees & elbows, rapid punches & palm strikes, bestial clawing and destructive throws all in a flowing motion with explosive power. This form can turn a huge group of skilled enemies into bloody pulps if used correctly, using throws to toss finished opponants aside for the next target to be beaten down.
      • Form Eleven-B: Wrathful Rhythm of the Four Divine Beasts (形11-B:四神獣の憤怒律動, Katachi 11 - B: Shishinjū no fundo ritsudō): A secondary version of his ultimate form putting more emphisis on the Rhythm of Heaven form adding even more agility and making the form look just plain awesome. Markus while using this still utilizes the aspects of the main version but with more of a focus on acrobatic techniques. Despite being a secondary version Markus is known to use this the most.
  • Ghost Walking (霊歩く, Rei'aruku): These techniques rely on speed and after images to be used to full effect.
    • Technique Four (技術四, Gijutsuyon): This technique is a simple concept difficult application, Markus runs at high speed leaving a ring of after-images around his opponant allowing him to attack form any angle with little risk of retaliation.
  • Double Buster (重破壊者, Jūhakaimono): Markus' own twist of the buster technique, Markus uses both his fists to strike at two points. This provides a basis for one of his most devastating spells Burning Phoenix God's Secret Art: Four Realm Punch.
  • Thunder Boxing (脅威闘, Kyōitō): A series of brutal punches ranging form jabs to uppercuts, all infused with the concussive power of thunder.
  • Rising Talon Strike (上爪打, Kōdzumeda) This attack involves a mix of open palms strikes swift knees all leading up to a rising palm strike to the chin of the opponant. It's commanly infused with lightning from his Storm Phoenix Slayer magic.
  • Phoenix Rage (鳳凰の怒り, Hōō no ikari): This attack involves Markus launching himself and strike with a flying headbutt followed by a sweeping kick then a rising round kick and then a series of kicks with palms strikes and elbows mixed in.


The Phantom/Fading Kick.

  • Rolling Thunder (巻雷, Makirai): This is an spinning elbow technique that can be done in two ways. The first is a simple spinning elbow strike to the opponant's chin. The second however is a much more extreme version of the first, by spinning at high speeds after a jump and landing the elbow on the top of the opponant's head Markus can cause a small explosion of concussive force. This clears a the area of effect and does serious damage to anyone in it.
  • Soaring Ghost Strike (飛翔霊打, Hishō Reida): Markus launches himself over the target lunching an extended knuckle strike from both fists into the target's shoulders then channeling a low powered version of his lightning into the opponant's body. This disables the arms and opens them up for a final front flip kick to the back of the head.
  • Bringer of Storms (ブリンガー, Buringā): This technique is a simple front flip axe kick with lightning mixed in. The speed and power of this technique give it the effect of a lightning bolt has struck the user's foot as they bring it down (Check animation for demo).
    • Storm Leg Vortex (嵐脚渦動, Rankyaku Kadō): Markus starts the technique like Bringer of Storms. But instead of finishing there he carries on by twisting his body around after impact from the axe kick and kicking down with his free leg. This leads up to a chain of drilling kicks to the opponant's body followed by a double legged roundhouse sending the enemy flying.
  • Charge Fist (電荷拳, Denkaken): Markus charges forward and uses a backfist charged with lightning to send the enemy flying as well as shock them with enough electricity to power a small city.
    • Buster of Storms (破嵐, Haran): Markus charges in and uses a lightning infused version of theBuster technique. Instead of just electrocuting the enemy it also sends them flying back, causing serious internal injuries.
  • Lightning Switch Kick (電転向蹴り, Dentenkōshū): This move is simple in theory but actually very difficult to master. First Markus throws a lightning infused jumping roundhouse kick with his body at an angle, the first kick is thrown to be avoided. As his free leg and kicking leg cross he causes the lightning from the kicking leg to jump to the free leg (which was already lightning infused). After the switch he kicks with his free leg to the side of the opponant's head/neck sending them flying and causing serious damage.
  • Lets End This!!: First Markus knees his opponant in the gut forcing them forward. He then flips onto their back and does breakdance like spins on their back, once he's spun 6-7 times he pushes himself off them and drops down with a storm infused double foot stomp to the opponant's head.
  • Storm Tiger (嵐の虎, Arashi Tora): This technique uses lightning's shcoking quilities to their fulliest. First Markus forms hands into a tiger claw formation and charges them with lightning. He then charges forward unleashing a barrage of strikes that hit while the full area of the hand and lower palm, the final strike is aimed at the face and chest at teh same time using the thunder aspect for concussive damage.
  • Twister Axe: (撚糸劉, Nenshiryū) This technique uses the wind aspect of his Slayer Magic. By preforming a Downward Roundhouse Kick infused with wind magic, Markus creates a small flat-ish tornado that hits the enemy(s) infront of him with amazing force and sends them spinning away. To gain more effective damage, range and speed Markus normally jumps in the air when utilizing this technique.
  • Vortex Palm (渦椰裏, Uzura): Markus first focuses a ball of swirling and destructive wind into his palm. After a quick charge forward (with the Lightning Step spell or without), Markus drive the palm into the opponant's chest sending them spinning backwards on a central axis to their body.
    • Twin Vortex Palm (双渦椰裏, Sōuzura): The exact same as Vortex Palm but Markus creates a second ball in his other hand allowing him to hit two opponants at the same time.
  • Maelstrom Fist (渦中拳, Kachūken): Markus creates a drill like effect with the wind aspect of his magic around his fist and forearm. He can then use this to drill through an opponant, wall or armour or grind down flesh, metal etc with a glancing blow.

Ellena's TechniquesEditEditEdit

  • Solar Fist (陽拳, Yōken): A basic magic attack. Ellena focuses magic through her hands creating orbs of light around them, she then proceeds to punch the living daylights out of her enemies with a rapid blur of fists.
  • Solar Leg (陽脚, Yōashi): Basically the same as Solar Fist but with the feet and legs. The attack is faster and stronger than the upper body variation due to the amount of muscles in the legs.
  • Lightspeed (光速, Kōsoku): Ellena uses her light magic to move at near light speed, this allows her for instant strikes and damage output.
  • Flash Drive (閃駆, Senka): This technique uses light's blinding effect to full advantage (unless fighting blind opponants). Ellena first creates a burst of intensly bright light to impair the vision of anyone looking at Ellena. This allows her to use any of her other magic enhanced techniques.
  • Solar Buster (陽破, Yōyabu): This is Ellena's magically enhanced version of the Buster technique she uses her light element to increase the punching power and raw speed to create a massivly delayed effect or a totally unseen and devastating punch.
  • Personal Form: Light Speed Tiger (個人的形:光速虎, Kojin Matogata: Kōsoku tora): Ellena uses herLightspeed technique to dart around while using the Tiger Catching Prey form from the Tiger Claw style. Due to the speed of her lightspeed technique she can avoid counters from almost anyone (except Markus who just uses his instincts and timing skills to counter).

Zero's TechniquesEditEditEdit

  • Remembrance (記憶, Kioku): Due to the limitless number of mimiced elements & effects Zero can copy with his magic this technique can have an equal number of changes each time it's used. The attack is simple it involves Zero landing several blows to the opponants torso while ducking under any counter attacks. This is followed by a push kick only to be followed by the magic enhanced technique which is a frontflip axe kick.
  • Archive the Past (公文過去, Kōbun Kako): This technique is a close range counter attack. Once the opponant uses a close range spell. Zero instantly mimics and turns the attack back on the opponant, normally Zero spins out of the way of the attack before countering.
  • Personal Form: Random Tiger (個人形式:乱数虎, Kojin keishiki: Ransū tora): The reasoning for this off name is Zero's affinity for using totally random spells or elements in his combat and the use of one fo the Tiger Claw forms.

Dark's Techniques (Twilight Death Phoenix Kenpo)EditEditEdit

  • Dragon's Talon Barrage: (龍のタロン弾幕, Ryū no taron danmaku) Dark frist strike the opponant with a straight left punch to the jaw and follows it up with a right hook then a haymaker to above the left eye. This finally gets followed with a barrage of claw strikes to the opponants torso with an over exagerated backfist to finish the technique and send the opponant flying through the air.
  • Dragon Tail: (龍尾, Tatsuo) This technique is a simple kick combo. Dark brings his leg across using an inside to outside crescent kick but instead of bringing his foot back down he hits with a powerful sidekick that sends the opponant flying back still spinning from the initial attack.
  • Earthen Fighter: (土の戦闘, Tsuchi no sentō) This combo utilizes Dark's Earth Magic. He uses a veriaty of strikes from all ranges causing earth and rock to hit the enemy as spikes, coloumns, shards and simple stones. The technique worksbest in rocky areas with large stones and boulders allowing Dark to unleash a barrage to smash down his opponants.
  • Confidence: (自信, Jishin) This technique is brutal and sadistic, Dark attacks with brutal yet none fatal attacks while taunting his opponant. Dark with rend flesh break bones and throw the opponant around while taunting them to keep fighting, due to the brutality he was forced to make a promise onyl to use this against the more disgusing and inhuman enemies.
  • Dark Paradise: (暗い楽園, Kurai rakuen) a mimic of Markus' Storm Paradise form. However instead of using throws based around wrist locks it uses hip throws, shoulder throws and sacrifice throws with brutal kicks, knees and punches. Unlike Markus though who can only really use his Slayer Magic, Dark uses his Slayer and Earth Magic this technique in intresting manners. For example after using a hip throw he'll summon a pillar of earth to rise up and knock the opponant back into the air and follow it up with an axe kick to repeat the process.
  • Deadly Shiatsu: (致命的指圧, Chimei-teki shiatsu) To start Dark throws his opponant over his shoulder onto a preset up group of small pillar similar to a bed. Once they land he shifts his forward leg towards them creating a wave that makes the pillars pound at the opponant with enough for to break bones. Dark can then repeat by bringing his foot back to it's original position and so on.
  • 11 Storms of Hell: (地獄の11嵐, Jigoku no 11 arashi) Dark's version of MArkus' 11 Storms of Heaven. Given his past and attitude he opted for a darker name to his creation, also it is a more brutal version given Dark's style of ass kicking.
    • Form 1: Wild Ape in Heaven: (様式1:天国で野生猿, Yōshiki 1: Tengoku de yasei saru) This is one of Dark's first personal forms he created. It fuses the Red Heaven Form with his Wild Apeform from his Death Talon Kenpo style. Making a style focused around kicking, acrobatic assualts and wild swiping. An added twist is while in flat open spaces Dark can use his Earth Magic to create platforms and walls for him to bounce off allowing for the ariel portion of the form to work perfectly.
    • Form 2: Wrathful God Slays Eight Headed Snake: (様式2:怒った神八頭ヘビの殺し, Kojin Matogata: Yōshiki 2: Okotta kami Yatsugashira hebi no koroshi) Dark fuses the Wrath of Heavenform with his Eight Heads of the Grand Snake form. Making a form of insane brutality and surprising grace, unlike alot of Dark's methods it is surprisingly disciplined showing his true prowess in martial arts.
    • Form 3: Rage and Wrath of the Reaper's Hand: (様式3:怒りと刈取の手の怒り, Yōshiki 3: Ikari to karito no te no ikari) This form focuses on Wrath of Heaven and Beast Rage but ends withReaper's Hand as the final blow. After Dark has smashed the opponant all to hell he lifts them up and ends them to the Reaper's Hand technique making the final moments of this combo brutal sticking with Dark's usual method of fighting.
    • Form 4: Infinity Jade Dragon: (様式4:無限翡翠龍, Yōshiki 4: Mugen hisui ryū) This for fuses Infinite Dragon and Jade Dragon making a form that has huge amount of brutality yet works in a calm rage with many attacks are done in the infinity symbol. Dark adds more brutality by mixing in his Wild Beast form to add some support to the hand strikes such as acrobatics, more kicks and elbow strikes.
    • Form 5: Wrath of the Earth Fighter: (様式5:地球戦闘の怒り, Yōshiki 5: Chikyū sentō no ikari) This form is built from the Wrath of Heaven form and Dark's over form Earthen Fighter and the Earth Assault form into one brutal form of ass kicking. Mixed in the normal non magical strikes is the added boost of earth waves, spikes and column jutting out and hitting the opponant(s).
    • Form 6: Rhythm of the Jade Tiger: (様式6:ヒスイ虎のリズム, Yōshiki 6: Hisui tora no rizumu) This form is build from Rhythm of HeavenJade Dragon and Tiger Catching Prey into a single form using amazing acrobatics, pure brutality and animalistic clawing. The form is similar to Markus' Rhythm of the Mountain Tiger form but alot more brutal in execution fitting Dark's mentality.
    • Form 7: Wrath of the Dragon's Talons: (形式7:龍鉤爪の怒り, Keishiki 7: Ryū kagidzume no ikari) A fusion of Dragon's Talon Barrage and Wrath of Heaven. This form uses the brutal and powerful attacks from Wrath of Heaven and the monsterous barrage of clawing strikes from Dragon's Talon Barrage, making the form a massivly damaging form.
    • Form 8: Wrath of the Mountain Breaker: (様式8:山遮断の怒り, Yōshiki 8: Yama shadan no ikari) A fusion of Wrath of Heaven and Mountain Breaking Form. Sticking with Dark natural levels of brutality the style uses the raw power of the Mountain Breaking Form with Wrath of Heaven's dynamic assualt against his enemies. It also modifies alot of the strikes from the Mountain Breaking Form making them alittle more acrobatic and dynamic than their rooted original version.
    • Form 9: Rhythm of the Drunken Tiger: (様式9:酔っ虎のリズム, Yōshiki 9: Yottora no rizumu) A fusion form of Rhythm of Heaven and Drunken Tiger making a very intresting and chaotic form. It uses the acrobatic kicks and wild drunk clawing to destory his opponant(s) the unpredictable nature of the drunken tiger form allows him to avoid and counter easily allowing for amzing and surprisingly acrobatic kicks given the amount of stumbling he does when moving and not attacking.
    • Form 10: Fury of the Red Heaven: (様式10:赤天の怒り, Yōshiki 10: Aka ten no ikari) A form that fuses forms Red Heaven and Fist of Fury. This form isn't the strongest but it is the simplest allowing Dark a good openning form in a fight, the firsts allow for quick powerful strikes while the kicks allow for the real strength of the form.
    • Form 11: Rhythm of the Divine Beasts: (形式11:神獣のリズム, Keishiki 11: Kamikemono no rizumu) A form that mixes Rhythm of Heaven with White TigerAzure DragonVermillion Birdand Black Tortoise with his own animalistic method of combat. into Dark's strongest form matching Markus' Wrath of the Four Divine Beasts form. 

Joo Dee's TechniquesEditEditEdit

  • 11 Storms of Earth: (地球の11嵐, Chikyū no 11 arashi) Joo Dee own set of super forms. These are similar to her uncle's but not as powerful due to her size, age and experience. However the forms are incredibly powerful.
    • Form 1: Young Phoenix Take Flight: (様式1:若い鳳凰掛かる便, Yōshiki 1: Wakai hōō kakaru ben) A form Joo Dee made from learning the Rise to Heaven form and Vermillion Bird form. However the form has a unique twist. It first starts out very reserved and gradually builds in confidence allowing for Joo Dee to get her opponant(s) cocky enough for her to take advantage.
    • Form 2: Shatter the Heavens: (様式2:天を粉々, Yōshiki 2: Ten o konagona) This form uses the Red Heaven form and the Shatterpoint magic to great effect. When used the the kicks end up shattering armor like glass and turning bones to dust, the magic seems to gain more power fromt he more dynamic and impressive strikes int he Red Heaven form as the added momentum increases the force of the kick itself.
    • Form 3: Rhythm of the Vermillion Bird: (様式2:朱色の鳥のリズム, Yōshiki 2: Shuiro no tori no rizumu) This form fuses Rhythm of Heaven with Vermillion Bird allowing for great pressure point strikes and amazingly acrobatic kicks and movement. Joo Dee will throw the pressure point strikes after a kicking combo or during a hold.
    • Form 4: Shatter the Wrath of Heaven: (形式4は天の怒りを粉々, Keishiki 4 wa ten no ikari o konagona) This form combines Wrath of Heaven with Shatterpoint. making the strikes from Wrath of Heaven endlessly more destructive.
    • Form 5: Iron Dragon Boxing: (様式5:鉄龍ボクシング, Yōshiki 5: Tetsu ryū bokushingu) A form mixing Iron Dragon with the Iron Fist variation Iron Boxing. All this does is mix in aggressive punches with the defensive clawing and low kicks from Iron Dragon. This acts as Joo Dee's primary "endurance form" where she uses it to draw aggro from an opponant allowing her allies to set up a counter assualt. To increase the damage she mixes in her Shatterpoint in sometimes.
    • Form 6: Black Tortoise shatters the Mountain: (様式6:玄武は山を粉々, Yōshiki 6: Genbu wa yama o konagona) A form that fuses the Black Tortoise form with the Mountain Breaking form from the Path of Earth style and mixing in Shatterpoint to amp up the raw power to what has been quoted as "god killing".
    • Form 7: Return to the Shattered Earth: (様式7:粉々地球に戻る, Yōshiki 7: Konagona chikyū ni modoru) This form fuses the form Return to Earth and Shatterpoint making the throws and sweeps insanely damaging.Changing Return to Earth from a recovery form to a full on combat form. Joo dee uses the shatterpoint to make mini earth quakes to add in the rhythm breaking aspect of the form.
    • Form 8: Pivot of Fury: (様式8:怒りの旋回, Yōshiki 8: Ikari no senkai) A form that uses the rapid and powerful strikes of the Fist of Fuy form and the Pivot technique both from the Art of Heavenstyle of martial arts. Joo Dee strikes with the punches and low kicks to allow for her to throw her enemy around, to make things worse Joo Dee doesn't break her hold on her foe even picking him/her up to repeat the attack.
    • Form 8: Shattering Rhythm: (様式8:粉々律動, Yōshiki 8: Konagona ritsudō) A form that usesRhythm of Heaven and her Shatterpoint Magic allowing a agile and acrobatic form with immense potentual for destruction. The style is often mixed with her third form Rhythm of Vermillion Bird to amplify it's raw power effectivly making a new form.
      • Form 8-B: Rhythm of the Vermillion Shattering Bird: (形式8-B:朱脱粒鳥の律動, Keishiki 8 - B: Shu datsu tsubu tori no ritsudō) A form made from Rhythm of the Vermillion Bird andShattering Rhythm as describe above it allows immense power while being insanly agile.
    • Form 9: White Tiger shattering the Mountain: (形式9:山を粉砕白虎, Keishiki 9: Yama o funsai byakko) This style fuses the White Tiger formMountain Breaker form and Shatterpoint Magic. The style is brutal and aggressive with a strong degree of inner peace as she rends flesh, shatters bone and reduce enemies to rubble.
    • Form 10: Azure Dragon verses White Tiger: (様式10:白虎VS青竜, Yōshiki 10: Byakko VS sei ryū) A style that merges Azure Dragon with White Tiger. Similar to the Tiger versus Crane form it uses the a similar idea using Azure Dragon in the place of the Crane techniques striking with the palm breaking the opponant(s) rhythm while the White Tiger is used to tear them apart.
    • Form 11: Thunderous Shattering of the Four Divine Beasts: (様式11:四神獣の雷の粉砕, Yōshiki 11: Shishinjū no kaminari no funsai) A form that merges the thunder aspect of her slayer magic with Shatterpoint Magic and the Four Divine Beasts forms (Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Black Tortoise and Vermillion Bird). The style is Joo Dee's top form and is immensly powerful allowing her to put her uncle and Dark on the defensive for awhile which is a fact of note as she hasn't got nearly as much experience as the two older mages.

Chae Yi's Techniques EditEditEdit

  • 11 Seals of the Realms: (王国の11封止, Ōkoku no 11 fūji) These are Chae Yi's 11 unique martial arts forms focusing on her sealing magic. THey let her seal opponant's movement, magic, magical power and various aspects of their minds, she makes a great crowd control fighter letting her support her allies int large combat situations and clear the hordes out abit.
    • Form 1: Unsealed Realms: (様式1:開封王国, Yōshiki 1: Kaifū ōkoku) This form is a simple fusion of Wrath of EarthRed Heaven and Phoenix Talons into one using the three fingered clawing technique of the Phoenix Talons with the brutal kicking of Red Heaven and the knees and elbows of Wrath of Earth. This form does prove Chae Yi's skill in unarmed combat as she brutalises her opponants almost as well as with her sword.
    • Form 2: One Sealed Realm: (形態2:一密閉王国, Keitai 2: Ichi mippei rerumu) This form fuses one of her sealing spells which aims at an aspect of her choice (Magic power, magical elements, body or mind) and three other forms. This one uses Wrath of EarthMountain Breaking Form and Fire Tiger Form
    • Form 3: Two Sealed Realm: (様式3:二つの密閉王国, Yōshiki 3: Futatsu no mippei ōkoku) This form uses two sealing spells at once with the Wrath of Heaven form and Vermillion Bird form sealing two aspects of an enemy(s) instead of just one. This means Chae Yi could seal off an opponan'ts main magic and their strength (if that's their main charateristic).
    • Form 4: Three Sealed Realm: (様式4:三密封され領域, Yōshiki 4: San mippū sa re ryōiki)
    • Form 5: Four Sealed Realm: (様式5:四密封され領域, Yōshiki 5: Shi mippū sa re ryōiki)
    • Form 6: Five Sealed Realm: (様式6:5密封され領域, Yōshiki 6: 5 Mippū sa re ryōiki)
    • Form 7: Six Sealed Realm: (形態7:6密封され領域, Keitai 7: 6 Mippū sa re ryōiki)
    • Form 8: Seven Sealed Realm: (様式8:七密封され領域, Yōshiki 8: Nana mippū sa re ryōiki)
    • Form 9: Eight Sealed Realm: (形態9:8密封され領域, Keitai 9: 8 Mippū sa re ryōiki)
    • Form 10: Nine Sealed Realm: (様式10:九密封され領域, Yōshiki 10: Kyū mippū sa re ryōiki)
    • Form 11: Ten Sealed Realm: (形態11:10、密閉領域, Keitai 11: 10, Mippei ryōiki)

Armed TechniquesEditEditEdit

Universal TechniquesEditEditEdit

Falling Sakura StyleEditEditEdit

  • Petals in the wind (風に花びら, Kaze ni hanabira): An intresting technique that emluates the Falling Sakura Style's philosophy perfectly. When used the sword is normally sheathed and the practioner simply flows around the opponant's attacks like Sakura petals on the wind. This can lead up to a rapid drawing strike leading to a series of flowing attacks maintaining the concept of flowing around the opponant as they attempt to counter.
  • Senbonzakura (千本桜, lit. Thousand Cherry Blossoms): The main technique of Falling Sakura style. This technique is mainly a set up to the techniques under it. The move requires Markus to move his sword hand and free hand in a circle so they meet in the middle of his body around the stomach region. He places his free hand on the pommel of the sword which suddenly turns into thousands of tiny blades that float through the air around Markus as his target(s). They shardes seem to glow as well as they reflect light, or if created from a lightning blade due to the element.
    • Kageyoshi (景厳, lit. Vibrant Display): This is the main attack technique. Markus directs the shards into a dome around the target(s). He then moves his hand down which causes the shardes to fly at the target cutting and peirceing them till they're either disabled or killed.
  • Storm Petals (嵐花弁, Arashi hanabira): This technique like 90% of all the techniques int he Falling Sakura Style starts with the blade sheathed away. First the user counters with a pommel strike just below the opponant's ribs followed by a strike with the sheathed blade to the opponant's lead arm, the next strike is a reverse gripped draw and slash strike to the point of the pommel strike. This is followed by a quick reverse grip stab to between the 3 & 4 left side ribs before finishing the fight with a regular grip stab and slash as the blade is pulled fromt he opponant's body. Each strike uses the flowing footwork of the style to avoid any attempted counters.
  • Flow (流れ, Nagare): One of the longer forms of the Falling Sakura style it is also one of the more agressive. First the user avoids as normal but attacks early almost entirely against the ideology of the style, but instead of trying to fight against the opponant they land light strikes with just enough force to break their opponant's rhythm evenutally allowing for a lightning fast draw & slash technique which is actually 12 slashes in one but moves so fast all that is seen is the final slash.
    • Hidden Edge (隠さ端, Kakusa-tan): A intresting version of the Flow form. By focusing raw magical power over the sheath of the sword the user can turn the sheath into a blade, meaning that a skilled user of this technique doesn't need to draw their blade to cut down their enemies. It was made when the creator of the style accidently killed a teenager when he was hired to put down a rebellion and wasn't given the right infomation. After this event he swore never to draw his blade, but he still knew he'd have to cut down enemies so to exploit a loop-hole in his vow he made the Hidden Edge Form. This allows him to use the Flow technique without drawing the blade. It can also be used to turn the sheath into a second sword or turn a Bokken into a actual sword without using a transformation magic.
  • Single Blade Twisting Cut (単翼ねじり集積, Tan tsubasa nejiri shūseki): A highspeed attack designed for closely grouped enemies. The user first spins around and knocks all the enemies into the air around them following them up as they do so (however they can). After which they dash forward mid-air cutting all the enemies with lightning speed before sheathing the blade as they and their former opponants fall to the ground.

Crimson Dragon StyleEditEditEdit

  • Blade Flow (羽根流, Hane-ryū): This form is the perfect reprisentation of the Crimson Dragon Style of swordplay. The practioner proforms every technique and methodology as listed above (in Description section). The practioner uses smooth flowing slashes, parries and thrusts with agile and amazing foot work. Practioners also use their hands to block, as the style pri[10]

    Blade Whip

marily hold their swords with one hand they make use of their free hand by parrying and lock enemies in a fight aginst multiple attackers (which the style exelles at). For example a feat MArkus uses is when he fights several enemies he will defend and defeat several enemies and in the midsts of that he'll put one in a wrist lock forcing him to bend down. This is normally followed by afew more enemies beaten before he rolls over the locked enemy while maintaining the lock and breaking the arm, he then finish that opponant with a beheading or a slit throat. This is one of Markus' prefered forms to use when armed with a sword, as it allows him to fight large numbers of enemies without much effort and is very adaptable letting him set up or fuse other weapon styles he has in his vast arsenal.

    • Blade Whip (羽根鞭, Hane muchi): A series of fast flowing thrusts, these thrust move so far they look like the blade has actually become floppy and limp like the tail of a whip. The attack is difficult to avoid due to it's speed and due to Markus angling alot of the thrusts inward while his hand is actually off target.
  • Blunt Claws (鈍い爪, Nibui tsume): Similar in a sense to Blade Flow but doesn't use slashing attacks just blunt force trauma. A user will block and parry attacks landing quick strike slowly breaking down an opponant's defence before landing the finishing blow. When not attacking the stick(s) are always moving keeping a flowing guard and allowing for quick and sudden strikes. Locks are also common using the sticks to hold opponan'ts limbs in place allowing for a quick snap.
  • Small Talons (小さなタロン, Chīsana taron): A form that focuses on knife combat. Designed to get in close and target tendons, ligaments and vital organs with deadly speed and accuracy. Like Blunt Clawsthe blade(s) are always moving in a circular motion to again create a constantly shifting defence and allow for lightning fast strikes. Most attacks are done in a icepick grip but some allow for a regular grip which changes between attacks.

Deadly Night StyleEditEditEdit

  • Rising Moon: (昇る月, Noboru tsuki) A simple series of slashes and thrusts using a circular basis (thrusts are normally twisted as they are preformed to add a more devistating twist). The footwork in this series of attacks is also circular allowing the user of these attacks to easily step into an opponant's guard, ice magic is commanly sent out fromt he sword as well.
  • Four Moons: (四月, Yotsuki) These series of techniques are highly powerful yet very complex attacks. They orginated from a style called Deadly Night Style (致命夜間風, Chimei yakan-fū) which revolves around circular movements allowing for simultanious attack and defence in one single movement, it also utilizes ice magic for added bonus. The main reason it's used with this sword is for the ice based enchantment on the sword.
    • First Moon: Deadly Eclipse: (最初月・致命食, Daitsuki: Chimei Shoku) Markus draws a small circle with the tip of his sword and then makes a quick stab within the now visible red circle creating a red dot. After stabbing directly through the dot and circle he hits his opponant creating a wound the same as the circle and dot he drew in the air (Though the main part of the wound is the stab through the heart). Also after striking the ice magic also freezes from the wound out, so even if the target doesn't die from the strike they'll be frozen solid.
      • First Moon Clear Sky: Grim Reaper Eclipse: (最初月晴天・死神食, Daitsuki Seiten: Shinigami Shoku) When using this MArkus proforms the same start but uses speed to multiply the number of attacks by an unknown number making it a great crowd clearing technique. He can use it on a single target as well resulting in the same injuries from teh original technique across their entire body. The same effect applies potentually making a nice ice sculpture display.
    • Second Moon: Crescent Cut: (第二月・新月傷, Daini Tsuki: Shingetsu Kizu) This technique is one part illusion and one part deadly slash. Markus uses a sword based illusion that makes it appear that his technique is moving in slowly as if setting up for a powerful technique. In reality his attack is going at immense speed that the cut has a delayed effect, the resulting wound is a crescent shaped wound that reaches from the base of the neck and through the chest to the stomach. Upon contect the victim is frozen solid from the inside out creating a layer of frost on the skin and clothes.
      • Second Moon Clear Sky: Crescent Edge: ((第二月晴天・新月角, Daini Tsuki Seiten: Shingetsu Tsuno) This move can clear a group of surrounding enemies in one slash at such speeds the resulting effect is delayed by several seconds. It can also clear a hall of enemies in a single slash with the same results. The only draw back is that the illusion aspect is lost, though the freezing effect remains.
    • Third Moon: Lunar Thrust: (第三月・太陰刺す, Daisantsuki: Taiinsasu) This technique looks simple but it's both deceptive and deadly. Markus lunges forward to drive his sword through his opponant but he moves so fast that be creates an after-image so he can attack from behind landing a series of 5 stabs through the chest. This also freezes the opponant like all the other techniques. However this one causes the target to shatter into chunks of ice.
    • Fourth Moon: Blood-Red Moon (第四月・真紅満月, Daishitsuki: Shinku Mangetsu): This is the deadliest technique of the Four Moons. Markus slashes the ground creating a dust cloud this sets up any unsuspecting opponant for the attack which includes the First and Third Moons with a seires of twirling slashes. This attack is perfect for large groups and can freeze them solid causing them to shatter into thousands of ice chunks.
  • Four Stars: (四つ星, Yottsu hoshi) THese are spear/pole arm techniques for the Deadly Night style. These attacks are direct and accurate using fast jabs, lunges and slashes, the spears using in these techniques aren't flexible and are normally alittle shorter than normal spears allowing for fast recovery.
    • North Star: (北斗, Hokuto) This form is a series of strikes such as slashes, stabs and lunges starting at the head and moves down. It is one of the two basic forms within the Four Star forms.
    • South Star: (南星, Nansei) This is the same as North Star except it starts at the feet and moves up. It uses the same techniques (or atleast similar techniques) which ends at the head.
    • Scorpius: (蠍座, Sasoriza) This form is unique as the stabs and lunges are angled down from above the opponant's guard and uses quick jabbing slashes at the sides, the strikes are ment to represent a scorpion's claws and tail.
    • Ursa Major: (おおぐま座, Ōguma-za) This form uses heavy slashes, lunges and stabs to breakdown the oppoants. The form is mainly power using the spear's length to it's advantage.

Blazing Day StyleEditEditEdit

  • Rising Sun: (朝日, Asahi) A basic series of slashes and thrusts with abit of acrobatic flare thrown in. While basic the attacks are incredibly fast and make good use of the Blazing Day Style's iconic use of fire in it's techniques.
  • Four Suns: (四陽, Shiyō) Taken from the Blazing Day Style. This style uses high speed and powerful attacks, it also involves fire based sword magic hence the name. Masters of this style can cut enemies with the heat of the sun itself leaving nothing behind but ash. Due to the fire enchantment on Blaze Wing it is the prefered blade for this set of techniques.
    • First Sun: Blazing Flare: (最初の太陽・燃えるフレア, Saisho Taiyō: Moeru furea) This technique is a quick cutting attack with no follow through meaning it only strike the target point and returns to it's original position. The fire element of the style is added as well to set the opponant alight or seriously burn them. It also makes a great technique to launch a fireball.
    • Second Sun: Burning Point: (第二太陽・燃え点, Daini Taiyō: Moeten) A simple stab with a super-heated blade. The attack doesn't cause the opponant to bleed out as the wound is cauterized but it does cause incredibe pain and if used in a fatal area it can kill in a very clean manner.
    • Third Sun: Thermal Lance: (第三太陽・熱槍, Daisan Taiyō: Netsuyari) When throw the entire blade is coated in super hot fire, Upon impact the blade releases the fire and kinetic energy that creates a huge thermo-kinetic explosion. The longer the distance of the throw the greater the explosion.
    • Fourth Sun: Nova Sword: (第四太陽・新星剣, Daishi Taiyō: Shinseiken) This technique is dangerous even for Markus. First Markus must focus an amazing level of fire into the blade making it glow white, he then spins the blade around his body and hands building up for flame and kinetic force. After creating enough heat and energy the atmosphere around the blade begins to distort and ripple. Markus then preforms a butterfly twist technique and slashing down at the enemy when finishing the twist. This sends a huge wall of white flame at the opponant(s), the draw back is that the heat is so great Markus' forearm gets severly burned and during the twist he can burn more of his body.
  • Four Flames: (秘宝館, Hihō-kan) These attacks are done with spears or other polearms. The spears themselves in contrast to Deadly Night spears are long and flexible using whirling and dynamic techniques, making uses of the entire spear fromt he point down to the pommel cap.
    • Burn: (燃やす, Moyasu) A seires of acrobatic and fast strikes using the spear's flexibility and length to full use but also allows unarmed strikes and the use of pommel as a club. The form emulates the sword techniques in spear/pole form using flips, cartwheels and acrobatic stunts to enhance the defence of the form. The form uses alot of weapon spinning allowing for group attacks or abit of style.
    • Backdraft: (ドラフト, Dorafuto) Similar to Burn but makes use of the spear's length to reach around a blocked strike to his the opponant. This means the strikes are made closer than normal so the user can still hit and opponant armed with a shield.
    • Incinerate: (焼却, Shōkyaku) A series of faster and harder strikes similar to burn but used all out in shorter bursts. This form is more of a hit on run form as the user hits in shorter faster bursts before pulling out and regaining some lost energy.
    • Hell: (地獄, Jigoku) This form strikes at joints and ligaments in the aim of putting the opponant through hell level pain. It is a particuarly brutal form aimed to break the opponant without killing them.

Markus' TechniquesEditEditEdit

  • Buster Edge (破端, Yabutan): Markus swings the blade with enough force that opponants can be forced back easily. It can be used in a series of strike as well that can batter down defences with little effort due Markus' strength.
  • Wing Edge (翼端, Yokutan): Using his Wind Mover spell along side his sword Markus can create blades made of air that can cut through nearly anything in it's way. Spinning the sword while using this technique before releasing the air blade will create a spiralling blade.
  • Storm Cutter: (嵐のカッター, Arashi no kattā): A set of dynamic strikes with lightning infused along the blade. The idea is even if the blade misses you by even the smallest of distances you'll get electrocuted and stunned. The more shocks the more your body will slow and stop moving for the final blow.
  • Charge Up (充電, Jūden): Markus can use the thunder aspect along with the wind aspect of his magic to boost the speed and power of the sword's slash. The set up for the technique is Markus holds the sword behind his back and charges it with the aspects before swinging it down causing huge damage to anything in it's way.
  • Turbulent Winds: (乱風, Ranpū): This technique works best with a polearm or weapon of equal size. It can be counted as an entirely new style under the armed techniques of Twilight Phoenix Kenpo. It involves spinning strikes attacking form any angle possible, the technique also uses a great deal of the user's body such as spinning the weapon behind the user's back or around the waist.
  • Ghost Cut: (聖霊カット, Seirei katto) When armed with a sword or forming one out of his magic, Markus can cut at lightning speed striking several times in an instant. To start the technique brings the tip of his sword down till it taps the ground then vanishes using his teleport magic and attacks while shifting through.
  • Eternal Rampage (永遠暴れ, Eien abare) This technique is a longer and faster version of Buster Edge, the idea to to do the same as Buster Edge but also land painful slashes across the opponant's body.
  • Tower Breaker: (塔波, Tōnami) This technique is a simple horizontal slash at an enemy but due to Markus' strength it creates a massive wall of razor wind that decimates anything in it's way. The name comes from the first time Markus used it to bring down a stone seige tower.
  • Four Gates (四門, Shimon): A series of 4 techniques Markus developed during his training. Based on his family style of lightning based kenjutsu with added techniques from the many other styles he learnt. The manuevers use the lightning to increase the power of the attacks immensely allowing for fast cuts and brilliant stuns.
    • First Gate (初門, Hatsumon): This first gate is a defensive technique, Markus swings the blade in a circular motion with enough speed to create a wall of lightning for afew seconds. It also acts as a counter attack as anyone foolish to strike the wall with their fists or any metal weapon will get a nasty shock. Also when used a ox head appears in the wall.
    • Second Gate (秒門, Byōmon): The second technique is a dual attack and defence technique, Markus swings the blade in a way that blocks and attacks at the same time using lightning to enhance the damage. When used a dragon's head appears in the trail of lightning.
    • Third Gate (第三門, Daisanmon): The third technique is the first main attack of the four. Markus stabs forward to fake out the opponent he then twists around their counter to stab up into their armpit. The attack goes up into the neck killing the victim instantly. When started a crane appears behind Markus.
    • Fourth Gate (第四門, Daishimon): The final technique involves Markus stabbing several times in under a second. Finally Markus lands a overhead slash down onto the opponant cutting them in two. When used a tiger's head appears around Markus' hand for the intial stabs and again behind his entire body for the final slash.
  • Blade Flow: Wind (刃流:風, Ha-ryū: Kaze): A creation of Markus' fusing the Falling Sakura Style's Petals in the Wind technique with the Crimson Dragon Style's Blade Flow form into one. To start the blade is always sheathed and remains like that for the beginning as Markus flows around the opponant striking them in a similar manner to the Blade Flow techniques with the sheathed blade. After this Markus gets serious drawing the blade quickly and ditching the sheath and switching styles entirely, the technique becomes the Blade Flow form with some of the flowing foot work of Petals in the Wind.
  • Blade Flow: Fire (刃流:火, Ha-ryū: Hi): Yet another original technique fromt he mind of Markus. This fuses Blade Flow with the Four Suns technique of Blazing Day Style, using fast agressive attacks with the smooth flowing manuevers to create a difficult style to stand against. However due to this defence is reliant on using the hands and forearms to deflect the attacks of the opponant.
  • Blade Flow: Ice (刃流:氷, Ha-ryū: Kōri): This style is different from the other two as it doesn't use another style to enhance or modify it instead it uses joint locks and pressure point strikes to "freeze" an opponants movements. This obviously allows for quick finishes to a fight but as it's required for Markus to actually get hands on with the opponant, it can be difficult to get a grip on them if they use magic that reverts them into an incoporeal form or move at faster speeds than he can reach evne with his magic.
  • Blade Flow: Earth (刃流:地球, Ha-ryū: Chikyū): Another original form using Blade Flow with unarmed combat with optional use of Slayer Magic mixed in. This mainly uses the Art of Heaven on Mortal Lands style mixed in with the swordplay, this allows a highly agile and flowing method of combat. A unique trick Markus has is that he uses his Serpent Coil weapon to the form, making it even more chaotic and difficult to counter or to pull opponants into sword range.
  • Blade Flow: Elements (刃流:要素, Ha-ryū: Yōso): A fusion of the original Blade Flow forms Wind, Fire, Ice and Earth. It uses the join locks pressure point strikes of Ice, the Blazing Day and fire techniques of Fire, the Falling Sakura footwork of Wind and Earth's unarmed combat to use all the forms as one. Markus uses this the most allowing him to counter enemies in a veriaty of ways ending the fight how he sees fit.
  • Shadow Force Assailant: Demon Slash (影軍加害•魔斬, Kagegun Kagai: Mazan): A powerful Sword Magic spell only heard about in legends. There are two known versions of the spell the first being pure unbridaled destruction and the second being more focused and controled destruction which is Markus' prefered version. Both are risky and require immense magical power to use. Even though this is the case with Markus he still feels drained after using this spell.
  • One Thousand Blades Crescent Cut (一千ブレード三日月切り, Ichi sen burēdo mikadzuki-kiri): A spell that requires both skill and power to use effectivly. Markus can focus his raw magical power into the blades and slash at great speeds leaving magic blades cutting and floating around the opponant.
  • Storm Phoenix Blade (嵐の鳳凰羽根, Arashi no hōō hane): Part of Markus' personal version of Sword Magic and uses his Slayer Magic enitrely, one of the ideas behind the strike is to capture by using the lightning to paralize the opponant but like all of his spells it can be used to kill and destroy.
  • Kamaitachi (鎌鼬, Kamaitachi): Effectivly a ranged version of One Thousand Blades Crescent Cut and can easily clear a path through an enemy army. It's one of the few Sword Magic spell that requires the blade to be sheathed before use.
  • Storm Phoenix Chaos Lance (嵐の鳳凰混沌槍, Arashi no hōō konton yari): A powerful yet almost uncontrolable spell that cna put allies at risk. This spell is one of Markus' most devastating Sword Magic spell that uses the raw destructive power of his magic and amplifies a simple Sword Magic spell designed to puncture the weak spots in a target's armor.
  • Heaven-Shaking Slash (動天斬, Dōtenzan): This slash is massivly powerful. By focusing a large amount of magic energy into his sword Markus can let loose a shockwave of kinetic energy that can cut through almost anything in his path. The spell requires some impressive magical control so he doesn't get fatigued from use.
  • Eight Blades of Nature (自然の八羽根, Shizen no hachi hane): This technique uses the 6 forms of Markus' two swords and attacks with the eight elements they possess. Markus attacks striking with fire, earth, ice, wind, lightning, light, water and darkness. The attacks are done so fast they require a sound to take effect. Normally done by MArkus snapping his fingers or clanging his sword blades together.

Ellena's TechniquesEditEditEdit

Dark's TechniquesEditEditEdit

  • Red Lightning Cyclone: (赤い稲妻気圧, Akai inazuma kiatsu) First Dark takes his sword and raises above his head with the blade pointing to the sky.After afew seconds red lightning begins to run up the sword which he brings down to point at the enemy. He then brings his lead leg across the front of his body to allow him to spin around swinging the blade and sending a red cyclone of lightning at his enemy.
  • Dark Phoenix Apocalypse: (黒鳳凰の黙示録, Kurohōō no mokushiroku) Dark charges forward with his Phoenix Slayer Magic wrapped around the blade. He then strikes the enemy with the pommel of his blade followed by a sidekick at full strength sending them back, this is then followed by Dark swinging the blade up at full strength sending a swirling blade of lightning that shreds the unfortunate victim caught int he attack.
  • One Thousand Blades Crescent Cut (一千ブレード三日月切り, Ichi sen burēdo mikadzuki-kiri): Learnt from Markus and used in a similar fasion but due to Dark's blades being incredibly heavy the attack has greater density in it and can cause alot mroe damage if not countered correctly.
  • Storm Phoenix Blade (嵐 の鳳凰羽根, Arashi no hōō hane): While this spell is part of MArkus' personal version of Sword Magic, Dark has mimiced it using both his Slayer lightning and Red Lightning allowing him to create a seriously dangerous technique.
  • Kamaitachi (鎌鼬, Kamaitachi): Dark learnt this technique while learning the One Thousand Blades Crescent Cut technique, again due to the weight of his swords the attack is alot more destructive.
  • Storm Phoenix Chaos Lance (嵐の鳳凰混沌槍, Arashi no hōō konton yari): Dark's version is alot more chaotic than the original and he has great trouble controlling the spell so rare uses it unless he has an absolutely clear shot at his target.
  • Heaven-Shaking Slash (動天斬, Dōtenzan): This slash is massivly powerful. By focusing a large amount of magic energy into his sword Dark can let loose a shockwave of kinetic energy that can cut through almost anything in his path, due to the weight of Dark's swords however he can create alittle mroe kinetic energy if he slashes downwards allowing for alittle more destruction than normal. The spell requires some impressive magical control so he doesn't get fatigued from use.