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トックスヒク ゴド スレーアー マジク


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Toxic God Slayer Magic is a type of Caster Magic and God Slayer Magic revolving around the use of liquid poison.



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Toxic God Slayer Magic is a type of God Slayer Magic taught to kill "gods", specifically Toxic Gods. The user is able to manipulate black and purple, poisonous liquid, as well as ingest poison to replenish their strength. The user can produce poison to fight with, however they can't eat their own poison to replenish their strength. They can replenish their strength by eating the poison of another mages poison, such as a the poison of a Poison Dragon Slayer.


Toxic God Bellow: The inhales deeply, filling themselves up with air, and all at once fires a powerful, continuous blast of black poison at their enemy.

Toxic God Bullet: The user gathers magic energy into their fist and materialize it into poison, forming a sphere of toxic liquid which they then throw with great force at the enemy.

Toxic God Great Fist: The user generates poison which they form around their fist, greatly increasing their punching abilities.

Toxic God Bomb: The user forms a long stream of flowing poison between their hands and holds it while gathering more energy. After gathering an appropriate amount, the user shoots an explosive, bubbling stream of poison at the target.

Toxic God Slash: The user produces a wisp of poison from each of their fingers. They can then scratch their opponent with poison infused attacks, imbedding poison into the wounds they create as they attack.

God Slayer Sacred ArtsEdit

God Slayer Sacred Art: Atomic Eraser: The user gathers poison between their hands in a manner similar to Fairy Law, creating a small, star-shaped deposit of poison levitating between their palms. The user then points their palms outward toward their target, and a giant cloud of poisonous dust is sent barreling toward the target. Once the target is hit, the poison begins eating away like acid at their skin.