Territory (絶対領土 (テリトリー) Teritorī lit. Absolute Territory) is one of the most powerful Caster Magics known in Earth Land. It's a dangerous magic that is centered around the total manipulation of space, bending it to one's will. Like the Arc of Embodiment, the limits of this magic are unknown. 

War God Magic

絶対領土 (テリトリー)




Caster Magic

Users No one


When the user begins to use this magic, their hands start glowing a rainbow-like color, slowly allowing a special invisible sphere to appear all around the user and beyond their range of space, allowing anything and everything inside of the sphere to be controlled by them when they produce the magical membrane to produce from her hands. In the area surrounded by the sphere, the user is actually able to command and control everything around them within a certain degree, allowing them to be manipulated in any way the user can think of and producing incredible spells that can actually be alter to affect a different part of the area, often redirecting powerful spells to not affect anyone else aside from the surrounding territory within the sphere's range. It is also seen that the user is capable of changing the actual environment of the area, at times changing the actual gravity to make it much more difficult to fight in or making it harder to cope with for the enemy, but not the user as they are protected by the very sphere they produce. There are certain risks with using this magic, due to the fact that only those inside the magic sphere are affected, meaning anyone who attacks from outside the range will be able to inflict damage and not get manipulated by the membrane. It is also seen that people themselves are not capable of being controlled or manipulated, meaning no one is able to make someone fight each other against their will and can often mean it is next to impossible to keep anyone in the sphere.  


  • Ih Ragdo (イ・ラーグド I Rāgudo): The user puts their hands together with the left hand clenched leaving only the index and middle finger pointing to the right hand's palm. To activate the spell, the user then opens their index and middle finger in a "V" formation. This spell entraps any targets the user desires with a bubble-like formation.
  • Ih Ralgas (イ・ラルガス I Rarugasu): The user prepares this spell by creating a sphere of Territory around their hand. Its effects, however, are unknown, due to the spell's original casting being interrupted by Erza Scarlet