Sound Magic (サウンドマジック, Saundo Majikku) is an elemental caster magic which revolves around the manipulation of sound. Spell usually releases musical notes and the sound can have different effects. 

Sound Magic



Saundo Majikku


Caster Magic

Users Cilio Jugz



    1. Cilio's Spells


  • Howling: Cilio sends forth multiple black musical notes which are outlined in red at the opponent while making a loud screeching noise.
  • Disturbed: Cilio sends black musical notes which are outlined in red from the ground at the enemy creating a loud screech.
  • Aspectos: Cilio summons nine different coloured magical circles.
  • Los Nueve Aspectos: After summoning his nine different magcal circles he directs them towards the target, Cilio creates explosions of light, darkness, fire, water, wind, earth, lightning and magma causing extreme damage.
  • Doble Aspecto: Cilio uses this technique and fires two powerful soundwaves from his hands preventing his enemies from getting near him.
  • Aspecto Silencio: Cilio crushes the enemy with a huge sound wave which causes severe damage and destroys the entire area behind the enemy.
  • Ban: Cilio plays a melody that causes the nearby environment to covered in a large amount of flames
  • Neru: Cilio plays a melody that causes all but the most powerful to fall into a deep slumber.
  • Battle Cry: Cilio shouts out a very inaudible but powerful battle cry. He uses this against animals that are willing to hurt him..