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"King of Demons"

"Satan the Devil"

Race Demon
Birthdate ((Unknown))
Birthplace Hell
Gender Male
Age 2000+ 
Eye Color Red
Hair Color White
Blood Type ((Unknown))
Unusual Features None
Professional Status
Affiliation Himself
Previous Affiliation None
Occupation Demon King
Previous Occupation Angel
Partner Katuko Izuki
Base of Operations



Personal Status
Status Sealed inside Katuko Izuki
Marital Status Single

Alignment Evil
Magic Dark Regulus

Darkness Magic

Purple Flare

Demon Blood


Titan Magic

Gold Lightning

Blood Magic

Weapons ((Unknown))

Immense Speed: Despite his bulky appearance, Satan is very fast and agile, able to dodge most attacks. Whenever he encounters an enemy strong enough to see him, Satan prefers to use his speed in order to end the battle fast, but also to toy with his opponent's. One of the reasons is to hide his durability from the enemy. He has even developed a technique that would allow him to instantly reach his opponent.  

  • Immense Durability: One of the main abilities granted by Satan is his resistance to not only physical but magical damage. Because of his own influence, Satan's lust for death and destruction increases exponentially. He is afraid that he might lose control, so subconsciously, holds back his power and focuses on defensive tactics to win his battles. Because of that, most of his offensive power goes into his defense. The potential for his durability is fully shown in his battle with Klaus, where he was able to shrug off some of Klaus's strongest spells, some of them even collaborative. Satan's Defense is so powerful, it takes more than 2 Wizard Saints to wound his demon form.
  • Regeneration: Satan can regenerate faster than humanly and demonly possible. Superficial wounds can heal in a matter of moments, while more serious injuries can take several minutes up to several hours depending on the damage. His most serious, life threatening wounds while still be unable to kill him will heal him faster than possible and play a major role in his survival against the Allied Mages.
  • Immense Strength: Satan's strength increases to the point, to where he is noticed to be a real God. He is able to lift objects hundred several times his own weight and crush rocks hundred several times his own size. In the battle with the Allied Mages, he was throwing large rocks and other debris at his opponents besides his use of magic. He has even created a technique to increase his already enormous god-like strength.


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