Rainbow Fire (七色の炎, レインボーファイア, Reinbō Faia) is a Caster Magic and a variation of Fire Magic

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Rainbow Fire

七色の炎 (レインボーファイア)


Reinbō Faia


Caster Magic


Orochi Smith 



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A variation of Fire Magic in which the user creates flames with a variety of colors, with each color having a particular effect or property. For example, the user can create a blue flame which is cold, a yellow flame which is smelly, a purple flame which can stick to objects, and more flames.[1] This Magic also allows the user to control other flames, giving the user an advantage over other Fire Magic users.[2] However, if the opponent has complete mastery over their fire, then the user's pyrokinesis would not work against the opponent's flame.[3]  


  • Blue Fire (青い炎, ブリューファイア, Burū Faia)A spell in which the user creates blue-colored fire with cold properties. This type of fire, however, is considered edible to a Fire Dragon Slayer.[1]
  • Orange Fire (橙の炎, オレンジファイア Orenji Faia)The user creates some orange-colored fire with stench abilities. This spell was mainly use to render the target immobile.[1] In the anime, Totomaru stated that the scent came from a dirty mop submerged in expired milk.[2]
  • Rainbow Fire (七色の炎, レインボーファイア, Reinbō Faia)The user combines the different "colors" of their Rainbow Fire Magic into one, alleged, "deadliest flame". The effects of this spell are unknown, but is rumored to be able to destroy an entire Area. Using this spell would take 89% of the user's Magic Energy.[1]
  • Purple FireThe user generates purple flames in their hands and throws them at the opponent. The purple flames are capable of sticking to objects and burning like ordinary flames.[1]
  • Yellow FireA spell similar to Orange Fire. The user creates a yellow-colored flame hovering on their palm, which apparently gives off a strange smell.[1]