Purple Flare (紫の炎, パープルフレア, Pāpuru Furea) is a Caster Magic and a variation of Fire Magic

Macao Purple Flare
Purple Flare

紫の炎 (パープルフレア)


Pāpuru Furea


Caster Magic

Users Satan



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This Caster Magic is a variation of Fire Magic that allows the caster to create a specific purple fire, one that cannot be extinguished by wind or water.[1] This Magic can have the effects of a solid attack, rather than gas-like normal fire. The caster can conjure this type of fire through various parts of their body, such as their arms. This fire can be used in many ways such as binding, as it was able to trap dozens of Phantom Lord guild members; offensively, Purple Flare can be used in a similar manner as bullets or beams.[3][4][5]


  • Purple Rain:The user fires scattered purple bullets towards the target.[1]
  • 'Purple Net': The user summons forth their Magic Seal, which creates purple flare taking the form of ropes, ensnaring groups of people around them.[1] The form of this spell differs depending on the user, as it can be used as a net rather than ropes.[2]
  • Purple Beam: The user fires scattered purple bullets that form into a massive beam. The user then fires the beam with abunch of force and magic energy, which increases the beam's strength and form. The beam then smashes into the target, exploding and sending them flying more than 5 feet away, leaving a small crator in the ground.

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