Nyo Manigako is the Sabertooth Guildmaster, he is 26 years old, and i'm pretty sure he has Twilight Phoenix? Gr8 Creator M8 doesn't remember.

Nyo has dark red hair, it is presumed to be dyed. Although he often denies that is was dyed. He has dull green eyes, with creases under them from a bit of lack of sleep, his skin is tanned, and he is in a very fit state of shape. He usually wears things like sweaters or jackets, although he is most often seen wearing things that gr8 creator m8 is to lazy to describe.          (ANKLESXI NOW SPEAKING): No, he doesn't have Twilight Phoenix, Enerlogue (Klaus) does. You have Twilight Kenpo. (SPEAKING TO K3RL343, OWNER OF NYO MANIGAKO)