Mephisto (メフィスト Mefisuto), known as the Poet of Darkness (闇の詩人 Yami no Shijin) is a Etherious that previously served the infamous dark mage Zeref, but is now under the control of Kami Sukika  through the magic Take Over. He was weakened during his fight with Deliora and had tried to take over Dante, but was defeated. He has, multiple times, tried to regain control and free himself and has nearly succeeded. He harbors an immense hatred of his older brother Deliora. Both of them had been the reason for the death of Gray Fullbuster's parents as well as that of his master. Because of his small stature, he has never been seen, which had led the people to believe that Deliora had been the sole cause of the destruction.



  1. Personality
  2. History
  3. Relationships
    1. Deliora
    2. Dante Royard
  4. Magic & Abilities
    1. Natural Abilities
    2. Curse Abilities
  5. Trivia



Mephisto possesses two different forms, a humanoid and demonic one, for when he releases his limiter. In his first form, he bears the appearance of a young man, with his most noticeable features being two dark grey horns portruding from the top of his head, pointing upwards. He has long black hair, tied in a pony tail at the back that goes down past his knees, nearly to the ground. Three long bangs on each side, at a total of six frame the side of his face, with a seventh going right between his eyes. He also has narrow, sapphire blue eyes that further stand out from his pale complexion in contrast to his dark colored choice of clothing.