Kinetic Storm Magic is a type of Caster Magic used by Maya Gryaznov. It utalizes an unknown type of energy.

Kinetic Storm Magic

Caster Magic




Kinetic Storm Magic is a type of Caster Magic in which the user can create blue energy. The energy is always spinning and building kinetic energy. This means that the longer the user spends creating a spell the more powerful the spells destructive capabilities will be, however the longer the user spends creating the spell also means more magic power will be needed for the spell, so for a user who has little magic power left there is a time limit on the spells creation time and when the time limit reaches 0 all the user's magic power will be gone for a while.


  • Kinetic Shock-The user gathers kinetic energy around their fists as blue energy spins around them. Once at an appropriate amount the user can punch with devistating power.
  • Kinetic Wave-The creates more and more kinetic energy n their palm. After gathering enogh their palm is ingulfed in a cyclone of energy to attack the opponent with.
  • Kinetic Whirlpool-The user creates a small tornado of energy that gathers more and more magic power as it spins. Once its grown it can be launched at the opponent with destructive force.

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