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The White Dragon

The White Dragon in the Book of Apocalypse

Race Human


Birthdate June 19
Birthplace Magnolia
Gender Male


Eye Color Yellow
Hair Color Black
Blood Type B
Unusual Features Angry Temper
Professional Status
Affiliation Fairy Tail
Previous Affiliation None
Occupation Mage
Previous Occupation None
Partner None
Base of Operations Magnolia
Personal Status
Status Alive
Marital Status Single
Relatives Ashlynn Toneshai   (Mother)

Katuko Sukika  (Father)
Moroha Sukika  (Brother)

Ten'jin Sukika (Brother)

Alignment Neutral

Weapons None

Magic & AbilitiesEdit

Dragon[1]Slayer Magic (滅竜魔法 Metsuryū Mahō): As one of the first humans who entered the Dragon Civil War, Kami was also one of the first Dragon Slayers brought into existence. Over time, however, as he slayed many Dragons, he himself was, eventually, turned into a Dragon due to the overuse of his Lost Magic,[5] though he retains the ability to shift back into human form at will.[6] It is currently unknown exactly which element Kami employs in his casting of Dragon Slayer Magic, however his Dragon Slayer Magic grants him the ability to reap the souls of Dragons, leaving them in a half-dead state.[35]


Acnologia's Dragon's Roar

  • Dragon's Roar: Like all Dragons and Dragon Slayers, Kami can perform a Dragon's Roar, incorporating his respective element into the attack. While which element Kami employs is currently unknown, the blast was powerful enough to "completely eradicate" Tenrou Island and imprint a giant crater into the ocean.[36]

Flight: In his Dragon form, Kami possesses the ability to fly, using his large wings to travel great distances, maneuver high up in the air, and perform aerial assaults on those below him.[37]

Immense Durability: Kami is capable of shrugging off attacks from very powerful Mages, such as Erza ScarletLaxus Dreyar and Mirajane Strauss. Even attacks from Natsu Dragneel, Gajeel Redfox, and Wendy Marvell, who all employ Dragon Slayer Magic, the Magic that is renowned for its legendary ability to slay Dragons, had absolutely no effect on Kami.[38] Not even attacks from Dragons can harm Kami as shown with the White Dragon taking the full force of Igneel's massive fire breath attack and emerged unscathed as if nothing happened.[39]


Acnologia overpowers Makarov

Immense Strength: Given his immense size, Kami is easily capable of reducing a substantially-sized area to rubble by simply landing on top of it.[40] As a testament to his immense strength, Kami can engage in a head-on physical confrontation with Makarov in his Titan form[41] and easily gain the upper hand.[42]According to Makarov Dreyar, despite the amazing feats Kami performed on Tenrou Island, the Dragon wasn't using the same level of strength as he was during their brief confrontation. Rather, Gildarts noted that the Black Dragon was toying around with every last one of them.[43] Kami is also much stronger than he is assumed to be, as even after apparently going toe-to-toe with Igneel in combat, Zeref comments that Kami is still waiting for someone to give him a true, challenging fight, implying that he was possibly holding back in his bout with the Fire Dragon King. Zeref has also stated that Kami could rule the world with his power, yet elects not to for whatever reason.[44]

Manipulation Immunity: According to Future Rogue, Kami is immune to Dragon Supremacy Magic.[45]

Shapeshifting: Kami, contrary to the legends surrounding him, did not entirely transform into a Dragon and has retained the ability to enter and exit his human form at will.[6]