Ice-Make (氷の造形魔法 (アイスメイク), Aisu Meiku lit. Ice Molding Magic) is a Caster-Type magic which utilizes the element of ice. Usually beginning with the command "Ice Make!" The user can create a variety of objects out of ice to be used offensively or defensively. Outside of combat, the user can also change his surroundings using ice, such as covering the ground with ice. This is a type of Element Maker Magic. Ice-Make is said to have no limits, except your imagination.

There are currently two known types of Ice-Make magic. The first one is called Static Ice-Make. This type of Ice-Make is characterized by the creation of inanimate objects, such as weapons, or by affecting the environment around them. The second type is called Dynamic Ice-Make magic. This type of Ice-Make focuses on creating animate ice sculptures, usually in the form of animals. Dynamic Ice-Make is said to be more quickly cast than Static Ice-Make.

300px-Gray Ice Make

氷の造形魔法, アイスメイク


Aisu Meiku

Caster Magic

Molding Magic


Gray Fulllbuster

Leon Fullbuster


Static Ice Make

  • Ice Make: Lance (ランスRansu): User creates ice lances that he shoots toward his enemy from the ground, impaling them. First time, Gray used this against the demon of Lullaby.
  • Ice Make: Shield (シールドShīrudo): User creates a large shield in front of him that shields everything behind it. Appearance of shield is different from users. Gray's shield seems like floating flower but Lyon's one is a half dome. It was first shown being used to defend the Guild Masters' building from being destroyed by an attack from the Lullaby demon.
  • Ice Make: Hammer (ハンマーHanmā): User creates a large hammer that floats above his opponent and drops it with great force. First time, Gray used this against Lyon but he is blocked.
  • Ice Make: Floor (フロアFuroa): User simply freezes the floor, which makes anyone in the area slip. User can also freezes ocean with this spell and slides on floor.
  • Ice Make: Arrows: User releases multiple arrows by his/her both hands and shoots them with high speed to enemies.
  • Ice Make: Battle Axe (バトルアックスBatoru Akkusu): User creates an axe out of ice for melee combat and swings it around him. First time, Gray used this against Juvia, but it was ineffective.
  • Ice Make: Sword: User creates a sword of ice for melee combat. Strength of sword is enough to fight normal swords.
  • Ice Make: Geyser: Freezing the ground in front of user, he/she creates a tower of ice spikes that impales opponents. First time, Gray used this to attack Lyon but failed.
  • Ice Make: Cannon: Creating a large hand held cannon, user fires a cannonball made of ice to create massive damage to his opponent. First time, used this to defeat Lyon.
  • Ice Make: Prison (プリズンPurizun): User creates a large square cage out of ice. First time, Gray used this to capture Lyon's ice animals.
  • Ice Make: Knuckle: Freezing the ground in under his opponent, User creates a tower of ice fist that strikes his opponent (Anime only).
  • Ice Make: Saucer: User creates a giant spinning ice disk that he launches at his target cutting through like a buzz-saw.(Anime only).
  • Ice Make: Fishnet: User releases icy wind from his hands like fishnet shape to freeze his opponent (Anime only).
  • Ice Make: Wall: Improved version of Ice Make: Geyser but freeze the opponent instead of impaling them. (Anime only).
  • Ice Make: Grappling Hook: User creates two, four-pointed grappling hooks with chains, that connects with the Ice Make aura around his hands, allowing him to lift himself.
  • Ice Make: Death Scythe: User creates a giant scythe made out of ice and jumps to air. When he is on air, swings it at his opponent.
  • Ice Make: Dummy: User creates a copy of himself made out of ice, this spell can be used to avoid attacks or just to create a distraction for a surprise attack.
  • Ice Make: Stairs: User makes stairs of ice so he can get to previously unreachable places. First time, Gray used this to find Lyon but in the anime, Gray makes a slide from ice like stairs.
  • Ice Make: Bow: User creates a large bow and then shoots one powerful arrow at his target. With using Ice Make: Geyser user can reaches to a high point for shoot his arrow; after shoot, speed of arrow increases with gravity and air pressure. The arrow can wounds one enemy deadly. First time, Gray used this to defeat Racer.
  • Ice Make: Rampart (ランパードRanpādo): User creates a massive wall of ice that can stop his opponents in their tracks, but uses up a lot of magic. First time, Gray used this to stop Racer.
Ur's Spells
  • Ice Make: Leg: User creates a leg made by ice if he/she lost leg. First time, Ur used this to fight Deliora.
  • Ice Make: Rose Garden User creates a giant rose garden made of ice to surround and bind her opponent. First time, Ur ued this against Deliora. (Anime only)
Lyon's Spells
  • Ice Make: Diamond Cage: User creates a diamond-sided sphere of an un-meltable ice on his enemy body. It was stated that this spell destroys the body of the trapped person along with the ice. However, it loses its hardness the further it's away from the caster and eventually shatters. First time, Lyon used this to Natsu (his Dragon fire didn't melt it.)

Note: Lyon has also been shown to use Ice Make: Sword, Shield, Geyser and Prison.

Leon's Spells

  • Ice Make: Diamond Tornado: User creates a large frozen tornado to trap opponent. It is said that if the opponent attacks the tornado, the attack spreads out through out to the tornado, encasing the opponent as well. If the opponent manages to shatter the tornado, a rain of shards fall down upon the opponent.
  • Ice Make: Death's Knife: User puts their hands together, a magic circle forming in their right palm. They separate their palms and point their right hand at the opponent. Ice knives fly out of the magic circle, shattering on contact.
  • Ice Make: Counter Shield: User puts their hand's together, a magic circle forming in either palm. They point their palm at the opponent, a shield forming, similar to medieval shields. The shield blocks most attacks coming at the shield, and then sends arrows flying back at the opponent. Leon prefer's this rather than Ice Make:Shield.
  • Ice Make: Staff: User puts their hand's together, a magic circle forming in both palms. They separate their palms, a staff forming in the middle of the two magic circles. They then use this staff to attack the opponent.
  • Ice Make: Freezing Bullets: The user puts their hand's together, a magic circle appearing in either palm. They point a palm at their opponent, a magic circle flying out and enlarging. Bullet's of ice fly out of the magic circle, heading toward their opponent.
  • Ice Make: Shattering Spear: User makes a spear out of ice, and sends it flying at the opponent. Mid-air, the spear shatters into different pieces, flying down to rain on the opponent on all directions.
  • Ice Make: Shining Armor: User puts a magic circle on themselves, creating armor on top of them. If they are hit by a physical attack, shards pop up to defend the user.
  • Ice Make: Talons: The user puts their hands together, ice forming talons on their fingertips.
  • Ice Make: Dual Fists: The user forms ice around their fists, improving their physical strength.
  • Ice Make: Diamond Seal: Probably Leon's most powerful seal, he puts his hands together, a magic circle appearing in either hand. He touches his opponent with the magic circle. The magic circle forms a cage inside the opponents magical reserves. This prevents them from being able to use magical energy. This costs Leon a lot of magical energy.

Dynamic Ice Make

  • Ice Make: Eagle: User creates several eagles that fly to his enemy and strike it, as dynamic ice magic these eagles can avoid obstacles to hit its target.
  • Ice Make: Snow Dragon: User creates an ice dragon that rushes against its enemy and crush it.
  • Ice Make: Ape: User creates a large ape, it was used to protect him against ice hammer, but it's unclear if the ice ape can attack but since Lyon´s magic is dynamic it probably can move and attack.
  • Ice Make: Snow Tiger: User creates a tiger made out of ice that can rush and bite its target.
  • Ice Make: Wolf: User surrounds his hand with ice in the form of wolf's head and attack enemy.
  • Ice Make: Hedgehog: User covers his body with ice spikes in the manner of a hedgehog to protect himself form melee attacks.
  • Ice Make: Wing: User can creates wings made by Ice Make. First time, Lyon used this to get flight Christina.
    • Ice Make: Javelin User creates a huge javelin made out of ice.[1]

      Ice-Make Javelin

    • Windy Icicle: A protection spell that acts like a shield. Miyuki doesn't use Ice Make Shield and uses 'Windy Icicle' instead.
    • Ice Make: Diamond Trap User creates a diamond field made from ice. If magic hits one of the big icy crystals, the magic will be bounced off of it and attack the target. Worse case scenario with the Diamond Trap is there is a 10% chance that the magic can freeze you instead of hurt you. (And there's no way to unfreeze the magic unless the user of the diamond trap is defeated or lets the target