Helios (ヘリオス Heriosu) is a Caster-type Light Magic spell. Due to the simplicity of the spell, and the easy customization it affords, it's considered a staple in the arsenal of fighters who lack talent at learning complex spells.





Parent Magic

Light Magic

Overview EditEdit

To form Helios, the user gathers their own magical energy, imposing their will on it and crafting it into the shape of a sphere. Immense and powerful rotation is added to the sphere, creating a swirling vortex of magical energy encased in an outer shell to contain the eddy of magical energy. Forming Helios is often likened to holding the sun in the palm of ones' hand.

Through the rotation of incredibly dense magical energy, the sphere's contact with a human body creates a powerful and extremely painful 'shredding' effect on the body, ripping into target at the point of contact and in the case of targets with durable skin, it causes intense internal damage.

One of the key points of Helios is how easy it is to change on the fly; by changing the volume of magical energy used to form the sphere, the size can be enhanced to create truly gargantuan spheroids. The power of Helios also depends on the amount of energy that creates the cyclone held within the sphere; larger amounts of magical energy create stronger 'drills', so to speak, while weaker amounts of magical energy do little more than rattle a target.

Skilled users, in addition to modifying the size, can also modify the quantity; sufficient control over the rotation of the magical energy allows a user to manifest Helios in both hands, and wield is flawlessly. This effect is referred to as Twin Suns (二つの太陽!!, Futatsu no Taiyō), due to the image created from wielded Helios in this manner.

As if someone had a macabre sense of humour, Helios can also serve well to its name; the sphere gives off a brilliant light that can be used as a makeshift lantern or torch when in a dark area, creating an everyday tool from a powerful weapon.