Gate Magic
Gate Magic

マジック ゲート


Geeto Maho


Caster Magic



Gate Magic (Geeto maho, マジック ゲート) is a caster type of magic which revolves around the usage of gates that create a wormhole through space, which allows objects and living creatures to be teleported through the linked gates / portals.


When casting this magic, the caster's hands will start to glow with a bright blue color. During this time, the caster will be allow to draw a minor version of the gates in the air by waving his hands around. The gates are then materalized and then grown into the selected size and transported to a location within 300 meters of the caster's body. The caster needs to create two gates per link inorder for the magic to work. And a gate may only be connected to one other gate at any given time. Meaning that you can not connect two gates to a single gate.