Elemental Martial Arts (諸元の乱闘流 (エレメンタル・マーシャル・アーツ), Erementaru Māsharu Ātsu lit. Fighting Style of Various Elements) is a unique fighting style that involves conventional Caster Magic that revolves around the use of elemental magic bolstered by traditional, or modern, Martial Art methods. Though it is generally used with a single magic, some practitioners are capable of using two or more elements. 

Elemental Martial Arts
Elemental Martial Arts



Erementaru Māsharu Ātsu


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Elemental Martial Arts revolves around the principle that one is able to seamlessly showcase Magic as an expression of one's physical prowess. This is achieved through what is known as "internal balance". This internal balance involves rigorous physical and magical conditioning, as well as knowledge; one must be capable of incorporating various styles of elemental magic in order to bolster their overall prowess within the magic. However, with general users, their specialization in this form of magic makes it difficult to utilize elemental magic in its conventional way, though the versatility makes up for this.


Akiyama's SpellsEditEdit

  • Open Palm Earth Wave (手のひら地球波, Tenohira Chikyū Nami): Akiyama, with Earth Magic, strikes the ground with his palm(s), causing the ground around him to react like the surface of the water when struck.
  • Open Palm Wind Shove (手のひら風が突き出す, Tenohira-fū ga Tsukidasu): by concentrating Wind Magic in his palm, Akiyama strikes his opponent's sternum. This attack launches the opponent backwards and knocks the wind out of them.
  • Open Palm Diverting Air (手のひら転用空気, Tenohira Ten'yō Kūki): this begins similarly to Open Palm Wind Shove, however instead of attacking his opponent, Akiyama uses Air Magic to redirect his opponent's attacks. The redirection is only enough to make his opponent's attack miss.
  • Open Palm Lightning Blade (手のひら雷刃, Tenohira Raiha): Akiyama covers his hand and forearm withLightning Magic giving his following thrusting attack the ability to pierce his opponent. He increases the attack's power by twisting his arm as he thrusts.
  • Open Palm Shadow Palm (手のひら影手のひら, Tenohira Kage Tenohira): with the use of Shadow Magic, Akiyama strikes the side of his opponent's head or body. Akiyama increases the force behind this attack by spinning first.
    • Open Palm Extending Shadow Palm (影手のひらを広げる手のひら, Kage Tenohira o Hirogeru Tenohira): Akiyama lengthens the range of Open Palm Shadow Palm with the use of Shadow Magicby extending the magic outwards from his hand.
  • Raising Heat Soaring Heel (上昇熱はかかとの高騰, Jōshō Netsu wa Kakato no Kōtō): Akiyama strikes his opponent's head/temple with his flame covered heel.
  • Crushing Heel Sand Geyser (ヒール砂間欠泉を粉砕, Hīru Suna Kanketsusen o Funsai): he stomps on the ground causing sand to erupt from the ground under the opponent.
  • Frozen Point Elbow Strike (凍結点肘のストライキ, Tōketsuten Hiji no Sutoraiki): coating his elbow in Ice Magic, Akiyama slams his elbow into his opponent. This usually hits the ribs or sternum.
  • Consuming Darkness Elbow Drop (かかる闇エルボードロップ, Kakaru Yami Erubōdoroppu): covering his elbow with Darkness Magic, Akiyama drives his elbow down onto the top of his opponent's head.