Dust-Make is a type of Caster and Molding Magic that revolves around the element of dust.




Caster Magic

Molding Magic




Dust-Make is a type of Molding Magic that that allows the user to use the element of dust. By doing so the user can shape creatures, objects, etc. out of dust. What makes Dust-Make unique from all other Molding Magics is that there's no boundary between Dynamic Style, (moving creations), and Static Style, (unmoving creations.) A user can freely switch between the two styles by reshaping and moving a static creation, or freezing a dynamic creation into a certain position.


Dust-Make: Lotus: The user creates a magic circle from their hands. That magic circle produces dust which the user molds into the image of a giant blooming flower, which they can use as a shield or modify for another reason.

  • Dust-Make: Lotus Shuriken: After using Dust-Make: Lotus, the user wills the flower to spin at incredibley high speeds, and then throws the spinning projectile at a target. If the spell connects with it's target the target will most likely be sliced brutally.
  • Dust-Make: Lotus Missle: After using Dust-Make: Lotus, the user can then extend the petals of the flower, which they can use as bladed projectiles to shoot at a target.

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