Devil Slayer Magic (滅悪魔法 Metsuaku Mahō) is a Caster Magic utilized by Devil Slayers. 

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Devil Slayer Magic



Metsuaku Mahō


Caster Magic


Leon Fullbuster 

Syrena Sukika

Damian Onikaze 

Ten'jin Takashi

Kazuto Mokashi

Katuko Izuki



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Not much is known about this form of Magic except that it allows its users to use a specific element to slay Demons. It also lets the user eat their respective element to replenish strength and become immune to its effects like other types of Slayers.[4] It appears, though, that Devil Slayer Magic allows its corresponding user to become immune (to a limited degree) to the effects of Curses, or at least the "Ultimate Curse", which is supposed to completely annihilate whatever it touches.[5] It has also been suggested that Devil Slayer Magic is a very fickle Magic, and that learning it too quickly and making use of its properties in rapid succession have adverse effects on the user, causing them to become afflicted with black markings that spread across their entire body, perhaps resulting in, as a manner similar to the Dragonification Dragon Slayers face, demonification.