Crash (粉砕, クラッシュ Kurasshu) is an extremely powerful Caster Magic.

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Crash Magic

粉砕 (クラッシュ)




Caster Magic

Users No one



It is a very advanced Magic which gives the user the ability to smash everything they come into contact with. If the user is unfocused, they may destroy objects such as houses unintentionally.[2][3]

Crash has various offensive and defensive properties. Using its inherent nature of being able to crush anything it comes into contact with, the user is able to nullify the effects of certain Magics by smashing them to pieces.[4] By imbuing their fist with Crash, the user is able to send an enemy flying numerous meters with incredible force.[5] It is also capable of being fired as a burst of energy at the opponent.[6] This Magic can also be utilized effectively as a defensive means. For example, by crushing the ground underneath them, the user is able to create a cushion of sorts against enemy attack.[7]It is also possible for Crash to be used as a deflective barrier, sending an assailant flying backwards when they come into contact with it.[8]

Basic Spells

  • Crushing Evil, Spreading the Truth: Empyrean: The user hits the target with a powerful uppercut, imbued with Crash. The force of this spell is so powerful that it is capable of launching said opponent great distances in the blink of an eye.[1]
  • Crushing Evil, Spreading the Truth: IkazuchiAfter negating the Magic around them with a swipe of their hand, the user hits the opponent with a Crash-imbibed fist that aptly resembles a bolt of lightning.[1]
  • MizuwariThe user strikes the surface of a water body with a Crash-imbibed fist such that the resulting shockwaves push back the water around the user, creating a temporary dry depression surrounded by a sheer wall of water.[1]
  • Crushing Evil, Spreading the Truth: Destruction: The user extends their hand, sending magic energy into it, allow it to shatter and/or Smash anything they wish to unless it is an organic body.

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