Counter Magic (カウンター魔法, Kauntā Mahō) Is a very complicated Caster, and Holder Magic that allows the user to analyze any form of incoming spells and attacks at them, instinctively adapting to how it is, and create a counter stance of sorts that can neutralize or even redirect the attack back at the original caster of the attack, 

Counter Magic



Kauntā Mahō


Caster Magic

Holder Magic




The user begins by channeling and focusing their magic to all of their body, slowly turning it to become more of an adaptable energy, causing the user's eyes to change color as they prepare for the incoming attack that is sent to them. Depending on the type of magic that is sent towards them, the user's Eternano would quickly adjust to a specific wavelength that emits itself in different forms on the user's body, and actually stops the spell in it's tracks. The more power the user has inside of them to counter, the stronger spells can be countered and often at times sent back to an opponent at double the power back to the opponent. However, there is certain risks to using this magic, one being that when in use, no other magic from the user is allowed as the entire alteration of a user's Eternano focuses it mainly on the counter magic, making other magic productions impossible. The second risk to this is that at most cases, it is only magical spells of Caster and Lost Magics that can be altered, meaning the user is susceptible to Holder Magic attacks. The last and final risk to this magic is that if the spell is a powerful spell that can go beyond the scale of what the user can produce, they will be unable to create a form of counter to it's ability, unless they can somehow put the power up to the level of the opponent.

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