Celestial Grace (天恵の霊肉 (セレッシャル・グレース), Seressharu Gurēs lit. Heaven's Blessing of the Body and Soul) is a unique Caster Magic, which enables the user to harness every aspect of their magical energy.

Celestial Grace



Caster Magic


Tsuyo Ryokō


Any user of Celestial Grace is extremely in-tune with magic; being capable of manipulating every single little detail of the essence of magic, and even magical particles. All in all, the user is able to manipulate their magical aura for offensive, defensive, and supportive purposes; and this extends to eternano. Eternano dwells inside all living organisms and throughout the atmosphere. Nobody knows when Magic began, or how Eternano originated. To utilize Magic, the user must use their (as the case may be) power. Eternano is the source of Magic Power for everyone, and every living human has a container inside their body that determines the limits of their Magic Power. The user of Celestial Grace treats the eternano in the atmosphere as an extension of their body, almost like a fifth limb of sorts; all of this is harnessed through their magical aura. The user has complete control over the eternano, and as such, enabling them to outperform almost any fellow elemental magic that they themselves knows of, even surpassing many modern mages. Thanks to their immense mastery over the magical aura, the user is capable of manipulating the magical particles in the atmosphere—and even inside opponent mages in almost any way possible, leading to a great amount of creativity. The user is shown to be capable of coating their arms, legs, and their weapon with stray eternano, enabling them to triple their physical power and speed as well. The user manifests the energy as well as particles into a sharp coating for their blade, allowing them to fight blade-to-blade with even more strength. When the user utilizes this ability, they are able to brandish horrendously powerful weapons and their blasts have tremendous force behind them.

List of SpellsEditEdit

Shared SpellsEditEdit

  • Heavenly Counterattack (迎撃天, Geigekiten): Heavenly Counterattack is a special Celestial Grace spell which enables the user to deliver damage to the attacker when the user is hit; essentially, it is just as it is labeled; a counterattack. When performing the Heavenly Counterattack, the user focuses twilight into their arms or their weapon, before crossing their arms before their body, emitting a small repulsion of twilight. Upon contact with the opposing technique, the repulsion reverses the opponent's attack, whether it be close-range or projectile, upon them, returning it to sender, causing the user to retaliate in any way that they wish as well. If the attack is a projectile, it will simply be deflected behind them and upwards at about a thirty degree angle. It's worth noting explosive projectiles can still explode and will still do damage if they are struck when the repulsion is dissipated. If the attack is a powerful spell such as a Secret Art, then the attacker will be knocked back at a ninety degree angle. The user is capable of leaping out of the counterattack, allowing them to take the opponent by surprise. Essentially, Heavenly Counterattack multiplies a spell or technique's damage by one point five percent when there is a successful counter. If a projectile is reversed several times, then Heavenly Counterattack will be rendered null and void, as the user loses the energy to retain the stance, and the projectile just passes through the stance and damages the user normally. The repulsion part of Heavenly Counterattack is capable of being used for regular offense, as with it, the user is capable of knocking their opponent downwards; and immediately after using it, the stance of Heavenly Counterattack leaves the user of the spell vulnerable, meaning that while it is extremely risky, the payoff is more than worth the efforts driven into using the spell.
  • Angel's Raiment (羽衣, Hagoromo): Angel's Raiment is a special Celestial Grace spell which deals in giving the user an extremely powerful boost to their parameters. When performing Angel's Raiment, the user gathers twilight around their body, before fusing it with their magical origin, infusing and accumulating twilight into their weapon and body, momentarily injecting an arbitrary vector that allows for an exceptional boost of their abilities by instantaneously releasing the twilight to reinforce themselves. It can be called a jet blast of twilight to increase their movements in close combat, and executing large-scale body reinforcement through the spell is only possible with the user's immense magical power. As a result of Angel's Raiment, the user's base power level, strength, speed, and senses greatly increase; doubling their power, allowing for a massive boost all across the board. Additionally, the user demonstrates the ability to heighten the effect of this spell to increasingly higher multiplications. When bolstered by Angel's Raiment, the user's strength and speed have increased to the point that they can punch a car so hard as to send it over their head and by them being able to knock a Vulcan down the road with little effort in doing so; overall, the Angel's Raiment enables the user to inflict serious damage to opponents who are considerably stronger than them. The user harnesses the power of Angel's Raiment for their sword techniques, guarding, and movement. The user is able to reinforce the ability of their body to such a great extent using magic that they can fight head on with monsters such as demons even with a weak body, and each of their powerful blows contains enough magical energy that they are visible, and their strikes can be compared to a powerful shotgun. As an added bonus, the user also has complete control over the technique and can activate it anywhere at any time even during conversation.

Tsuyo's SpellsEditEdit

  • Amanohoko (天の矛, Spear of Heaven): The Amanohoko is a Celestial Grace spell; and the most basic spell that the user can harness; but despite this, it is extremely powerful. When performing this spell, the user raises both of their hands in the air at their sides; slowly, but surely generating and gathering twilight between their open, facing palms. This is rapidly shaped into the form of a massive spear composed of twilight, which the user proceeds to hurl at the enemy. When thrown, it produces a massive blast of twilight that spirals out from the epicenter of the point where the spear impacted. The powerful blast released by this technique upon impact can inflict heavy damage upon the user's opponent, wreaking havoc for an extended radius; it is capable of homing upon an opponent, dodging many an obstacle until it reaches the user's intended target. The weapon generated by Amanohoko in this form resembles a Ji, a traditional Chinese halberd, in appearance. Interestingly, the user is capable of condensing it upon a sword; launching the Amanohoko in this state will result in the spear taking the form of a small sphere of twilight, which, upon the swing of the blade, is released in the form of a giant laser which is launched forward immediately, capable of causing large-scale damage and destruction. The laser can be further augmented to fire a much larger blast; and the user can use this technique in several different manners, such as striking the ground to create an omnidirectional blast to knock away incoming attacks or slashing at the ground to upturn it and crush everything in its path; as well as keep it imbued within their blade to augment the power of their sword swings. This attack is powerful enough to cut through solid rock and even pierce through a magical barrier.
  • Skyward Stride (天翔無歩 (スカイワード・ストライド), Sukaiwādo Sutoraido lit. Heavenward Freedom Step):
  • [1]

    Tsuyo, Yin-Yang Charge.

Celestial Soul Power: Yin-Yang Charge (天霊力・陰陽進, Tenreiryoku: Onmyōshin): As a bonus, the users of Celestial Grace are given an appropriate 'personal' power, reflecting the nature of the person's particular soul. This power is born from the user's personal experiences, meaning that no two users of Celestial Grace can possess the same power. With Yin-Yang Charge, Tsuyo is capable of utilizing the devilish nature of darkness magic and the holy ability of light magic; merging them together and giving him the ability to use both elements simultaneously. Light and Shadow are polar opposite elements; and when merged together, they create an unfathomable power. The light absorbed grants Tsuyo the ability to transform the physiology of his body into that of light. Consequently, this Magic allows him to both produce and control light from any part of his body, which can be used in both close and ranged combat. Tsuyo is able to utilize light-based attacks that range from shooting laser beams from his hands, fingers, or feet (capable of causing massive explosions), to partial transformations that enable high-speed physical attacks, all of them being very devastating; and he can drastically augment the strength and speed of his strikes. The shadows allow Tsuyo to transform his physiology into a shadow that cannot be touched by normal means. With this Magic, Tsuyo is also able to fade himself into shadows to move swiftly, dodging efficiently and making surprise attacks; however, if he is caught while in a tangible form, or by another person in shadow form, he is then vulnerable to attack. The shadows are able to be utilized in several different ways, allowing for a high level of adaptability; the shadows are able to be released in freeform, as condensed, or even molded into the shape of a weapon, taking on the properties of said chosen shape. However, this ability places a heavy strain on the body, but despite this, Tsuyo can withstand the pressure. Tsuyo is also capable of merging this light and darkness together to form new qualities, even a mixed essence known as twilight which is capable of being used in both the ways of light and darkness, as well as producing 'stopping' effects, 'piercing effects', and the like; making this branch of Celestial Grace extremely versatile.

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