Arc of Andromeda is closley related to the magic Arc of Space both giving control over a space in certain ways,but Arc of Andromeda is different in many ways. Arc of Andromeda as explained before gives the user ability over space but unlike Arc of Space it doesn't give the user control of an area around them but rather the area that the user can see. This magic allows the user to not change space per-say but rather rip and distort it instead. The magic allows them to create "Rifts" between areas allowing things to be transported between them. But if the user creates one portal connected to multiple portals then the object that go's through the 1'st portal multiplies. The user can also make the rifts move at high speeds literally transporting part of an opponent elsewhere. Users of this magic often tend to have a rather alluring stare that pulls you in. Users of Arc of Andromeda can also distort the space around them creating illusions and also by using portals can transport objects to shape the area to their liking.This magic can be coupled with Sight Magic to give extra range and more attack capability.

Arc of Andromeda



Andoromeda no āku


Lost Magic

Caster Magic



Known Spells

Rift: User creates a "Rift" or portal between two or more points.

Soul Punch: User creates a portals surrounding an opponents head (all the portals are connected to a portal in front of the user) The user then punches through a portal in front of themselves making an unavoidable barrage of punches. (Has x5, x10, and x20 versions)

Soul Cutter: The User creates a portal moving at high speeds that literally transports anything it touches wherever Ikki wants.

Scenery Change: The user distorts the space around him, and uses portals to move objects allowing him to change the area around him however he wants.

Nightmare: The user distorts the area around him creating terrifying illusions.

Meteora: The user gazes into space and creates a gigantic rift transporting a meteor above an opponent. Takes a LOT of magic energy

Starburst: The user gazes into space and transports a small part of a star in front of an opponent covering them in flames.

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