Aqua God Slayer Magic (水の滅神魔導士, Mizu no Metsujin Madoshi) is a LostCaster-Type for of God Slayer Magic Magic.

Aqua God Slayer
Aqua God Slayer Magic



Mizu no Metsujin Madoshi


Lost Magic

God Slayer Magic




This magic allows a mage, in this case Nao Uzumaki as the name implies to have complete control over water. He is able to use it as offensive and defensive magic. The user of this magic is able to control water around him, but thats not all. It also allows him to use water from his body and also by consuming that same water he is able to recover his energy. The water that is used by user of this magic becomes the heavy water which means that user of, for example Water Dragon Slayer Magic isn't able to consume it. The God who taught Nao this style was Poseidon, the "God of the Sea".

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